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Title: Does God test Humans

User: Swami Gaurangapada Date: 2007-03-12 16:51:01



Q.You said that Lord Gauranga tests humans whether they chant for his pleasure or not? Is GOD not all knowing? If he is God then he need not test to find out truth, he knows it already?



Answer by Swami Gaurangapada:


Lord Gauranga constantly tests our sincerity through the agency of Mahamaya because He wants us to advance in spiritual consciousness very quickly.


Without the tests and exams for Class IX in school there is no way a student will get qualified to progress to Class X. Similarly without passing the tests of the Lord, there is no way we can advance to the next stage and show our sincerity to the Lord for getting His mercy. B) That is why the great devotee Queen Kunti always requests Lord Krishna for tests and difficulties in her life.