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Title: Athiesm and Chance Theory refuted & rejected.

User: Bhushan Nityananda dasa     Date: 2007-06-10 09:48:04


Nityananda Gauranga Hare Krishna

Gurudeva please accept my humble dandavats at your lotus feet

dandavats at lotus feet of all devotees


Gurudeva mercifully spoke the following points refutimg the probability theory in a conversation with me.

Swami= HH Swami Gaurangapada

me=bhushan nityananda das


me: Gurudeva today i was trying to preach to atheist

so he had argument

about relative truths

Swami: ok

me: that its upto ones belief

Swami: But the absolute truth has to be one

me: how to convince that Lord Gauranga Krishna is Absolute Truth

  he says there is no absolute

  everythings relative based on probability

 Swami: if there are millions of beliefs, does it mean that there are million of realities

me: but he believes all these have a certain probability

  each reality has certain probability

  he says life came from God is also acceptable and life came by chance also acceptable, both are equally p0robable

Swami: you know what is the probability that life came by chance

  Scientists calculation that

  10- raised to - 40

  You can quote him that research by the scientists

  It is there in the NITAI Veda - Origins

 me: ok

Swami: 10 raised to minus 40

  is the probability

 me: oh

  but he was arguing that probability that life comes from God is also that small

 Swami: even if argue that everyone is based on probability, since some have much more prob than others

No, the experiment proved that there is a higher intelligence

 me: oh

 Swami: 100% probability

 me: wow

 Swami: Also ask him what probability death has?

 me: yeah

 Swami: what is the probability that he will not die

 me: he said that in future man will overcome death

 Swami: if he says 0%

then it means there are somethings which have 0% probability

 me: yes

 Swami: scientists know all the reactions and chemicals in the body in detail

  if they cannot stop old age and death now, how can stop it later

 me: because they will become advanced

 Swami: if there was a chance, they would have talked about it

 me: but earlier people would laugh at he prospect of flying, so using the same logic

 Swami: but hardly anyone talks about it, they try to hide the truth

  even now man cannot fly

  he just sits in a mechanical plane which flies

 me: yes

 Swami: birth and death are inherent truths of the body

 not like flying in the plane

 me: yes

 Swami: he will also die while calculating the probability of his death

 me: yes

 but he asked that what i am telling is my belief

  so i said its by authorised bonafide people

 Swami: You can tell him in the Vedas, probability is a term meaning ignorance of the truth

  it is modern invention term

  because you don't know exactly, you are talking about probability

 me: oh

 Swami: When the truth is known, there is no probability

 me: yes

 Swami: So when you are using the world "probable", it means you are unsure

 me: yes

 Swami: so it means you are in ignorance of the truth

  so why not accept it

 me: yes but when i say the truth he says its my belief and not necessary that its absolute

 Swami: No, you can tell him, it is the truth

  so probability itself proves that truth exists

 because your source of knowledge in the Vedic scriptures which talk only of the truth, no probabilities

  Who wants to know unsure probable knowledge

  no one wants to even hear about what is probable

  everyone wants to hear the facts

me: yes

 Swami: the truth

  I can make a million combinations of probability

  but no one will look at it

 me: yes

 Swami: unless they know it is the truth

  So he should stop wasting his time with probabilities

  and try to search for truth

 if there is probability that the truth exists

  then why not try to find it

 me: yes

 Swami: he agrees that there is a probability that absolute exists


 me: yes

 Swami: then why not try to find it

 me: but he said its not fact

 as many people consider many things as absolute

 Swami: how can he say it is not a fact

 me: so who really is absolute is a belief

Swami: he should say that it is also a probability that it i snot a fact

  why is he using absolute terms

  if he thinks everything is probable

  why does he say this is my wife

he should day there is a probability that she is my wife

 me: yeah i asked him what is probability that you are dead

 Swami: he conveniently gives up probability when he wants

 me: he said by empirical prior evidence

 Swami: and talks about it when he wants

 me: yes

Swami: but empirical prior evidence is also a probability

  according to his philosophy

me: yes actually

  but he said about ______

  he is staunch follower of him

 Swami: his existence is also a probability

 me: yes

 Swami: there is a probability that _____ never existed as per his theory

 me: yes

i should tell him tht

he came to the sankitan when you were here

 Swami: yes, why is he forgetting that there is a probability that stephen hawkins maybe wrong

 me: yes

 Swami: why is he accepting him more than others

me: cause he is director

 Swami: but if everyting is probabilty, then he should accept everything equally, why someone more than others.

 me: yes

 Swami: tell him that there is a big probability that his probability theory may be total fabrication

 me: yeah


Swami: what if that is true?

  his life will be cheated

 me: yes

ill tell him

 when he comes during night

 Swami: so he might well get his probabilities right

  otherwise his life will become a probability

 me: yeah

 Swami: not reality

Swami: he should try to search for the truth where probability end


 me: to bring such people to Gauranga Krishna consciousness


  Gurudeva i heard that its the parmatama which inspires

to do sense gratification or do KC

 Swami: no

 me: oh

 Swami: Paramatma never inspires for sense gratification

infact He feels great pain

 me: oh

  but depending on propensities he inspires?

 Swami: He always inspires for GKC

 me: oh

 Swami: No, He never inspires for wrong things

  He only permits us to do them

me: but i read that the wife of Shrila Prabhupada sold SB and hence SP took sannyasa , it was Krishna's mercy, so didnt the parmatama tell SPs wife to sell SB?

 Swami: No

 me: oh

 Swami: He just allowed it

 me: ok

is there any case where He dosen't allow

 Swami: Shrila Prabhupada would have taken sannyasa anyway, his Gurudeva had a mission for him


 me: oh

 Swami: but he may give quick suffering

  for those whom He wants them not to do it again

 me: oh

Swami: Paramtama may inspire us not to do it, but He never stops it

  That is the free will of the soul

 me: oh

thank you soooo much

 Swami: he leaves the final decision to us

  yatthechasi tatha kuru


aspiring to be humble servant of your lotus feet

bhushan nityananda das

Nityananda Gauranga Hare Krishna