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Title: Real Love

User: sacinandana_das†††††† Date: 2005-01-18 11:16:50




my dear lord nityananda , you are the personification of


love for lord gauranga

please teach me about real love , in my shame i only know


, wordly lust .


my dear gadadhara i am very unfortunate , i hear about


real love , such as the great and true love you have for


lord gauranga , but in my shame i only know worldy lust .


my dear lord gaurahari , such great , true love you show


for your devotee's , for the blessed nitai , for gadadhara


and all living entity 's , but in my shame i only know


worldly lust .


i hear about the great and true loving relations between


radha and krishna , o lord , but in my shame i only know


of worldly lust .


shrila narottama das thakura sings ,- : prema ratana dhana


helaya harainu "

" spiritual life means to develop real love " , but in my


shame , o lord i only know wordly lust !


I come begging love and service , o lord ,


who can show this destitute soul , what is real love ?


that person is my lord , life after life ...