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Title: Nityananda and Gauranga's homes

User: candrika†††††††† Date: 2004-12-17 00:15:41


:cry: What are NITYANANDA and GAURANGA'S homes like in the spiritual world?



User: Swami Gaurangapada Date: 2004-12-17 05:17:50


For beautiful descriptions of Shri Navadvipa Dhama and places of Lord Gauranga's pastimes, please read:


Some same descriptions are like this:


The nicely-constructed golden temple is pervaded with happiness. On the four sides are four bejeweled terraces with gazebos. On top of the temple are flags and golden jugs and strands of pearls so large that they look like full moons. Both sides of the temple are beautified by eight crystal pillars supporting rows of swan formed of silver.


In four directions are four gates that are studded with jewels and inlaid here and there with emerald. The golden doors shine with their solid coral bolts and crystal cornices glitter like rows of candles. Ranks of huge mirrors are fixed on the walls.



and they are painted with scenes of the mellow-sports of Radha and Krishna. These spotless mirrors are also embellished here and there with artificial flower-trees and lotus flowers with hundreds of petals. These ornamentations on the mirrors radiate a luster so much like real lotuses that swarms of bumblebees wander here. mistaking them for actual lotus-groves.


The four directions shine with eight round windows on the doors which are expert in mocking the orb of the sun. These round windows are lined with brilliant sunstones that are bordered on the inside and outside edges with rubies. The temple's altar, vestibule, courtyard and staircases are beautifully formed of solid crystal slaps.


Within the temple, by the sleeping-chamber, is a flower -garden. Sitting upon branches here and there are cuckoos and other birds. The cool breeze flows with the pleasant fragrances of various flowers while the branches of the trees sway along ever so gently . Hanging upon the door of this inner chamber is the lovely sight of shoes ,umbrella and pure white chamara whisk. On both sides of the bed are golden tables supporting jeweled boxes containing betel-nut packets and golden pitchers full of scented water. On the floor in front of these tables is a beautiful place for rinsing the mouth. ..


Description of the Flower Garden


In this way Gauranga-Chandra comes to the flower garden and beholds the splendor of the forest with His red-tinged eyes. This flower garden is a grandly expansive place. In all four directions are groups of very tall kadamba trees. At the base of these kadamba trees are dense screwpine bushes which are encircled by thorns. Seeing this thorny forest from afar, the common people never come her. Madhavi and malati jasmine-vines climb up and embrace the kadamba trees. The pleasant south wind blows, carrying flower-pollen with its breezes. In four directions are four paths formed with jewels. In two directions are beautiful rows of bakula trees. The forest blooms with small white kunda-jasmine buds, splender, red amaranth, tagara flower-trees, groups of jewelled gardens, nageshvara flowers, and many other varieties of fragrant jasmines like jati, yuthi and mallika. Bakula trees, clove-pink vines, pink trumpet-flowers, and guelder-roses are beautifully manifest in row after row.


White lilies, yellow magnolias, and many red flame-trees are blooming. Here and there are seen very enchanting jewelled altars above which the trees and creepers are formed like canopies The dark tamal trees are splendrous with their bunches of fresh sprouts and golden creepers that climb and encircle them. Temples bloom with trees of pinkish color accented here and there by flowering mango-saplings. At the base of the trees are seen beautiful groups of rose-apple bushes, jackfruits and so many juicy limes. The inner part of the forest is surrounded by groves of banana trees. Some are bearing ripe fruits while others bear unripe green ones. Rows and rows of coconut trees hold many, many fruits. Among the rows of betel trees are date-palms and wood-apple trees. There are sweet jujube berries, oranges, plums, plus cardamon and clove vines. All the fruit and flower-trees are so full with offerings that their branches bend down and touch the ground.


Pomegranates are bursting and soaking the ground with their juice. Hedges of jujube berries appear very beautiful. There are so many varieties of trees that they defy description. In the center of the garden is a colorful temple. Just in front of it is a lake full of cool waters. The landing-steps are formed of crystal slabs. On four sides are four bathing places inlaid with jewels. Surrounding the lake are lilies-of-the-valley formed of gold, white sephalika flowers, golden champaka creepers, and moonlike mallika jasmines. All these beautiful flowerbeds line the bank of the lake and their reflections can be seen in its pure waters. From the weight of all the flowers, their stems bend down and caress the surface of the water.


Sweet little ripples move along with the gentle breeze. Lotuses of white, blue, red and more are in full bloom. These lotuses sway so much that the bumblebees cannot land on them. Greedy for honey, millions of bees fly all around. Royal swans, storks, herons, partridges and many other birds playfully sport in all directions. The fish living within the water move about by the hundreds.


In a golden temple, upon a golden altar sits Lord Gauranga of golden complexion. Surrounding Him are His associates also of golden complexion, Their limbs tremble out of pure prema and their eyes are wet with tears. There are twelve gates supported by reddish-golden pillars. On the outside are golden posts holding up a nice canopy. These gates are interwoven with garlands of mallika-jasmines. The top edges have clusters of hanging sapphires that sway to and fro. The East courtyard has groves of divine Tulasi plants. The West courtyard has groves of colorful flame-trees. The North and South have grasses of dark Syamala color which bring to mind soft pillows to sit on. Pet deer roam all about in search of grass to eat and they spread their eyes wide upon beholding the beauty of Gauranga. A peacock alights from a magnolia tree upon seeing Gauranga there and begins to dance in great happiness.


The trees and creepers all bloom with golden flowers. The forest is perpetually served by the Six Seasons. The sparrows chirp loudly and the cuckoos are all-pervading. Male and female waterfowl wander around on the ground. Parrots see ripe bimba berries and peck them with their beaks. Bluebirds and doves sport within the trees. Meditations on the Vrindavan Pastimes Female and male parrots call out, ďJai Shri Shachi-Nandana! Glory to the life and soul of Narahari and Gadadhara ! Glory, glory to the Lord of Lakshmi Vishnu-Priya's life! Glory, glory to Radha and Krishna who have united in one form!


Glory, glory to He who has manifested all these desire-fulfilling trees ! Each and every one of our Vrindavan-vasis has increased their prema unlimitedly by sporting here in Navadvipa !" Vishvambhara hears these statements of the parrots and remembers the lila of Radha and Krishna at Radha-kunda within His mind.




And remember each particle and item is living and conscious in the spiritual world directly engaged in the Lord service.