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Title: Namabhasa

User: Swami Gaurangapada Date: 2006-03-08 19:13:00


Namabhasa is it good or bad? in shri haranama cintamani its says conflictingthings , i want to understand , is not one supposed to chant offencelessly?


Answer by Swami Gaurangapada:



Very good question . I am very grateful to you for studying HarinamaChintamani (HNC) of Shrila Bhaktivinoda Thakura.It is the greatest scriptureon the science of chanting.



I will briefly answer your question for now:



There are different kind of Namabhasa described in HNC. Abhasa means a faintglimpse or shadow. and Namaabhaasa means a faint glimpse or shadow of the fullpower of the Holy Name.



There are basically two broad main categories:



(I) Chhaya Namabhasa; (II) Pratibimba Namabhasa



(I) Chhaya Namabhasa



The Namabhasa which leads us to the higher levels of chanting the Holy Name.This is furthur divided into two:



(A) Shraddha Chhaya Namabhasa



Chanting in this namabhasa with faith about the glories of the Holy Names isthe only way to reach the stage of pure offenseless chanting of Shuddha Nama orpure love of God.



(B) Ashraddha Chhaya Namabhasa



This Namabhasa is the stage of chanting when one chants unknowingly withoutmuch faith in the Holy Names. This is of 4 types as described in ShrimadBhagavatam:



(i) Sanketa Ashraddha Chhaya Namabhasa



To chant the Holy Names of the Lord while addressing another person withthose Names like for eg. Ajamila addressing his son Narayana in the 6thcanto.



(ii) Parihasya Ashraddha Chhaya Namabhasa



To chant the Holy Names while laughing or making fun of the Lord or others.Like for eg, Jarasandha chanting the Holy Names when he was making fun of LordsKrishna-Balarama before fighting with Them.



(iii) Stobha Ashraddha Chhaya Namabhasa



To chant the Holy Names while criticizing or enviously ridiculing the Lord,His devotees or normal people. The eg. for this is Shishupala who abused theLord a 100 times in the Rajasuya sacrifice but unknowingly chanted His HolyNames while doing that.



(iv) Hela Ashraddha Chhaya Namabhasa



To chant the Holy Names unknowingly while dancing, singing etc in thepresence of some congregational chanting without being aware of the full gloriesof chanting.



†† This four types of Ashraddha Chhaya Namabhasa can grant us the heavenlypleasures, liberation and Vaikuntha in very very rare cases but no pure love ofGod. Only Shraddha Chhaya Namabhasa can allow us to reach the stage of pure loveof God.



(II) Pratibimba Namabhasa



This Namabhasa is offensive and detrimental and which is basicallyaccompanied by the intense desire to become God while chanting the Holy Namebasically due to an inherent envy to the position of God.


†† Since this kind of chanting in Pratibimba Namabhasa is accompanied by thedesire to usurp the position of God and become God oneself, one gets degraded tohell by chanting in Pratibimba Namabhasa. Or the soul may be granted sayujyamukti or impersonal liberation by the Lord and thus punished by the Lord bykeeping the soul bereft from His directly devotional service in the Vaikunthaplanets for millions upon millions of years in the brahmajyoti.



I hope this helps to clarify your misunderstanding. Since Harinama Chintamanihas directly emanated from Namacharya Shrila Haridasa Thakura's lotus mouth inthe presence of Lord Gauranga Himself, there can never be any contradiction isthis most sublime scripture.



Yours in service, Swami Gaurangapada.