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Title: Laksheshvara Sanga

User: KalindiDate: 2006-07-28 20:32:23


After 29 years of 16 not-so-good rounds per day, and devoid of nama-ruci, it recently appeared in my mind a powerful seed of nama-ruci, and now my main occupation is to try to become a laksesvara. I wonder if you have some mailing group for support in this endeavour, like a virtual chanting asrama. I am completely alone with my chanting.



Title: Re: Laksheshvara Sanga

User: Swami Gaurangapada Date: 2006-07-28 20:40:49


Nityananda! Gauranga! Hare Krishna! Jaya Guru Parampara! Pranams! :pranams: and Blessings! :bless: Kalindi, thankyou for your kind interest and rare determination to chant 100,000 Holy Names daily which is the ultimate order of the Supreme Personality of Godhead Lord Gauranga Himself. Please read the book Naam Realizations: ""]Vedas on Laksha Naam for inspiration for chanting Laksha Naam. I have started a new forum Laksha Naam regarding Laksheshvara chanting as a sanga to inspire each other to increase the quality and quantity of our chanting. There are already a few threads on this forum. You can register on the forum and start contributing to this Laksha Naam sanga forum. I am sure we there would be nice discussions. Also, please read the book Maha Mantra Yoga for more inspiration in this regard. I have also discussed about Laksha Naam in my many of my [URL="". Thankyou.