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Title: Human soul is female at conception

User: Swami Gaurangapada Date: 2006-07-09 12:05:00


from what i understand we are all female untill homones direct our genderaccording to the lords desire, baring abnormal brain development, men are menand women and women, of course some develop problems in the fromal lobe causinggender identification issues as they are possessing a female brains in a malebody or vise-versa.counsidering this, are we not all originaly female souls hence "gopis" fromthe begining? i have read occoult texts that claim that that we werehermaphrodites in the begining and seperated into 2 sexes to procreat like theanimals as we devolved from consuming meat and intoxicants.


Answer by Swami Gaurangapada:




The soul is known as prakriti or the marginal energy of Lord Gauranga Krishnawho is the Supreme Purusha (energetic and Supreme Male). Thus the spiritualnature of the soul is parkriti which is female which means that the soul'sconstitutional actvity is to give enjoyment to the Lord who is the Supreme MaleEnjoyer of everything in creation.



So the soul is spiritually female since it is the enjoyed and the Lord is theenjoyer. This spiritual concept of femininity of the soul has nothing to do withthe male and female material bodies. Unfortunately some ignorant andunscrupulous people speculate about it on the material platform and evenartificially dress their male bodies as hermaphrodites etc. which is totallyagainst spiritual principles.



Their thought patterns are distorted and thus they cannot differentiatebetween the spiritual and material. They try to notoriously misuse the truth ofthe soul's femininity in regards to the Lord to satisfy their gross lustymaterial desires to flirt with female bodied souls calling everyonefeminine.



The real spiritual truth about the soul's relationship with God has nothingto do whether you are in male material body or female material body and thatrelationship cannot be awakened simply by wearing a sari and acting like a gopion the material platform. It is a totally inner awakening when the materialcovering wears off by chanting and sadhu sanga. Infact the soul who has realizedone's position as the enjoyed in relation to the Lord will conceal therealization and develop it more and more within the heart by chanting and nevermake a show out of it by dressing like a woman externally or any such absurd andweird things because the development of our spiritual body has nothing to dowith this perishable material body.



Seventh Goswami Shrila Saccidananda Bhaktivinoda Thakura is an eternal 12.5year old manjari gopi in Radha Krishna's pastimes known as Kamalaa Manjari buthe never made a show of that externally. He would meditate on the Lord's pastimes internally while chanting and serve Their Lordships in thatrelationship and externally vigourously preach the message of the Lord bychanting, writing, preaching and travelling.



Even though I have stated the above, I would still like to present somescientific statement about the material body also which is not so important orrelevant in this spiritual discussion but just for our information:



Modern medical science (ask any modern obstetrician & gynaecologist)confirms that every foetus in the human womb is first conceived as a femaleonly. Clinical observation of human embryo in the first 4-6 weeks afterconception has proved beyond doubt that foetal genitalia typically conforms inall cases to the female anatomical and physiological structure. In other words,all human foetus is conceived first as female only. It is only after a few weeksof conception that hormonal processes occur (testesterone in the case of maleembryos and estrogen in the case of female embryos) and it is then that thefoetus begins actually to transform into either a fully developed male orfemale. Human gender is determined in the womb first through hormonal change andonly later through genetic or chromosomal manifestation (i.e through thepreponderance of the "x" or "y" chromosomes).