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Title: Devotees in Difficulty

User: Swami Gaurangapada Date: 2006-10-14 17:58:00


Q. Hare Krishna, Im a little confused. On one hand Krishna says that He puts His devotees into difficulty, but then also says that He protects them from difficulty. Which one is it? Someone asked me about this and i wasnt able to answer. I started to think about it and thought hey thats right! How do i see this apparent contradiction? More Ľ: ""

Answer by Swami: "http:///" Gaurangapada:

Lord Bhakti: "http:///"]Krishna puts the devotees in difficulties so that they are purified faster just like the gold shines even more when put through fire so that the devotees can come to Him even more quickly and also to show the world how they should act in times of difficulty. Only the devotees can show that to the world. On the same hand, even if the devotees fail the test and forget Him at the time of difficulty, their [URL="http:///" is protected and never lost and always sticks to their soul until they can continue from where they had left and achieve perfection.