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Title: Destroy His own house?

User: Swami Gaurangapada Date: 2005-02-04 23:48:01


Question: I also have a new question concerning Ch8. Why did Nimai destroy his complete house when His mother didn't have the flower garland ready when He wanted to bathe in the Ganga and offer his prayers to the Ganga? I wouldn't expect such an outburst over some flowers. So there must be a deeper meaning. Could you please explain this to me? Thanks for your help.


Reply by Swami Gaurangapada:


There are quite a few transcendental reasons for this pastime. I will try to list just a few:


(1) Lord Gauranga wanted to show to the world that He is same extremely mischievous Lord Krishna of Gokula Vrindavana reincarnated in Kali Yuga. So He acted is this extremely mischievous manner.


(2) Mother Yashoda in Vrindavana feels extreme bliss and pleasure to behold the great mischief of Lord Bala Krishna. Similarly does Mother Shachi in Navadvipa. Though apparently shocoked externally, Shachidevi was experiencing the topmost bliss when Lord Bala Gauranga was breaking the whole house.


(3) The whole creation is the energy and property of Lord Gauranga so why not His own house? He broke it to show that He is the proprietor of everything.


(4) In all His incarnations, the Lord wants to relish the pastimes of krodha or anger. In Vrindavana it was against the demons. In Navadvipa He exhibited these pastimes in His own home by breaking the pots just like Lord Krishna became angry and broke the pots when His mother Yashoda left him to go and attend to the pot of milk on the stove. Krishna and Gauranga are both the same personality and it the same transcendental anger which manifest in His pastimes.


(5) Lord Gauranga wanted to show to Mother Shachi not to worrried for the maintainence of the household even if everything is lost because He is there. So He broke everything and then returned back everything.


(6) Unless the Lord displays some exceptional pastimes, how can we understand that He is God?


There are more but for now I will end.