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Title: 64 rounds and Chanting Realizations

User: Swami Gaurangapada Date: 2006-10-13 18:10:00



I have been reading your journal entries and have a few queries.

In your journal entries of February & March 2005 you have described your realisations while chanting and you have stated that you have seen Lord Nityananda on the Jagannath Puri Ocean and also you have seen the Vrindavan Dham in the tear drops of Lord Gauranga. All previous acharyas have stated that we must not reveal these visions publicly and make it cheap. Have i misunderstood something. Request you to dispell my doubts.


Also - please do you know how many rounds of Hare Krishna Maha Mantra Shrila Prabhupad used to chant? How do you chant your 64 rounds of Hare Krishna Maha Mantra everyday.


Thank you

Nityananda Gauranga

Hare Krishna


††† Answer by Swami Gaurangapada:


In the whole book Shri Navadvipa Bhaava Taranga by Seventh Goswami Shrila Sacchidananda Bhaktivinoda Thakura, Thakura has described his visions and realizations of Shri Navadvipa Dhama. Also in his classic song book Gitavali, he has described his visions of the pastimes of Shri Shri Radha Krishna.††

It becomes cheap when you reveal these visions for getting some cheap name, fame and followers or for some other ulterior mundane purpose or when you freely talk about the most intimate pastimes of Shri Shri Radha Krishna. It is not cheap when one genuinely does it for one's own spiritual purification and for inspiring others to chant the Holy Names with deep meditation especially in regards to the most merciful and appraochable Name and Pastimes of Lords Nityananda Gauranga. Of course one has to check and ask oneself deeply whether one is doing it purely to benefit others, for one's own purification and to glorify the Holy Names or for getting some name and fame.


Though it is said that one should not tell the topics of one's own bhajana openly, Shrila Bhaktivinoda Thakura penned them down not for a desire to achieve some cheap following but for supremely benefiting the conditioned souls and because of his own desire to glorify the Holy Abode of Shri Navadvipa. If he had not written the most divinely beautiful Navadvipa Bhaava Taranga, then we would have lost the chance to read the greatest glorification of Shri Navadvipa Dhama ever in the past, present and future.


So in this regard, it is not a question of imitating Shrila Bhaktivinoda Thakura but I am trying to humbly follow in his footsteps. Even if it adversely affects my own nama bhajana to reveal my chanting realizations openly sometimes, I am ready to do it because of my own intense desire to glorify the Holy Names of Nityananda and Gauranga as widely as possible and for benefitting and inspiring other souls to chant these most merciful Holy Names regularly. That is my only desire.


Also I do not reveal openly all the realizations I have while chanting. Occasionaly I feel that it will be very purifying for my ownself to pen them down and inspiring for others to read them. I also do not write realizations about the intimate pastimes of Shri Shri Radha Krishna as it is also that which makes it cheap as per our Acharyas which you can read at the following url "" .


Lords Nityananda Gauranga and Their Holy Names are easily accessible and free for all souls. But inspite of this if you have no faith in the genuinity of my intentions to reveal my realizations or not convinced by reply, you are free to come to your own decisions and seek spiritual guidance elsewhere.



Also - please do you know how many rounds of Hare Krishna Maha Mantra Shrila Prabhupad used to chant?


Answer by Swami Gaurangapada:


Since Shrila Prabhupada himself has not told anyone how many rounds he was chanting, I would also not like to comment in this regard. But an Acharya and pure devotee is understood to be constantly chanting the Holy Names with every breath.


How do you chant your 64 rounds of Hare Krishna Maha Mantra everyday.


Answer by Swami Gaurangapada:


I chant 100,000 Holy Names total of the three Mantrarajas: Nityananda, Gauranga, and Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare, from 3-4 am to 9-10 am daily.


Also Nitaipada Maharaja from USA can share with us here how he chants his 100,000 Names daily. Inspite of severe bodily illness, he perseveres to complete his 100,000 Names daily.


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