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Ekadashi Fasting
Implications of Killing
Grades of Prasadam
Krishna wants only your love
23 Forum Rules: Please read before posting
characteristics of the soul
Should we put Peacock feather on Lord Nityananda-Balarama?
Nityananda and Gauranga's homes
The Wicked Mind
Forum service required
initiation mantra from Sripada Puri
Brahma Gayatri, Sun God and Origin of Pancharatrika diksha
Lord virachandra
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Lord Nityananda
Mundane Knowledge & Spirituality
madhura e harinama
love over majesty
Varieties of liberation, material attachement & real position
madhurya kadambhini
mercy and glories
Nityananda and Gadadhara
Some time delay
Real Love
Time for daily NG Goshti Chat Room & Practical Service
Mahadiksha Queries
Lord Nityananda and Shri Ananga Manjari
Kill His brahmana devotee?
Destroy His own house?
Chanting Sequence, plastic bags etc.
Jahnava Nitai Pranama
Reading Chaitanya Bhagavata
Focus in Kali Yuga?
Lila Meditation
Name & Fame
Lashing in 22 market places?
Gauranga not embrace Jagannatha?
Destiny & Devotee
chat room ......
Sat Chit Ananda/ Saccinandana
Vaishnava Aparadha
Lord Jagganath prayers
Parampada Maharaja and Goswami Maharaja
How to understand the introduction of Gauranga-Mantra-Diksha
Lord Nityananda Traveling To the Holy Places
Counting on Tulasi beads
Jahnava-Nityananda & Gadadhara-Gauranga
Questions while reading Nityananda Charitamrita
offenses in chanting
100 Names of Lord Gauranga being recited in Sanskrit
Devotee & Destiny
Reality of Lords Gauranga and Nityananda
What are we?
Acala Vidy‚r‚ja
time for chat?
Chanting the Holy Names fast
Onion, garlic, etc.
losing personality
Hello vs Nityananda Gauranga Hare Krishna
Sati Self Immolation
Maha Maha Prasadam
Effect of Monism
Human nature and the soul
Alzheimerís and next life
Offering to my deities in Caturmasya
Dusting a room
blessed planet
Sound Vibration
Nitai Gaura before beginning Mahamantra
Nitya ananda Gaura anga Krish na and Rad ha
108 volume vedic encyclopedia
Lord Buddha
self-realization, liberation and bhakti
Relationship of Lords Nitai and Gauranga
Chant the Holy Name of God
Nityananda Balarama
Tulsi neck beads
2nd initiation
Shrila Bali Mahraja and Lord Vamana
How to please Nityananda?
Beard of Lord Advaita Acharya
Shri Yogapitha
Lord Gaurangas Life and soul
Nityananda/Balarama's Lotus Hands and Feet
how to help someone on deaths door
Gauranga effect
Fast on Shivaratri?
Vallabha and Gaudiya Sampradaya?
Preaching Nityananda Gauranga
Sambandha with Lord Gauranga
How to get hope
chanting withouth diksa
Best Time for Chanting
Hanuman Chalisa
Knowledge imparted to Lord Brahma
back home after this life?
Spiritual world and jiva questions
knowledge, revelations, meditation and yoga
Searching for bonafide representative of Gauranga - Krsna
worshiping Sri Sri Nityananda - Gauranga Deities
Shudh Naam
significance of wearing sikha
Nityananda Gauranga & Mahamantra
Mantrarajas and accelerated karma?
Thank you
Vaishnava association
Romaharshana and Lord Advaita
Bathe in Ganga or not
Spiritual Form
God and People Suffering
Does reality spring from our minds?
Danger of Prakrita Sahajiya philosophy
Is the soul male or female
Should Sri Sri Nityananda-Gauranga fast on Bhima Nirjala Ekadasi?
Army Strength Limited or Unlimited
Health questions
How to attain direct mercy of Lord Nityananda
How can we enjoy more than the Lord
Tulasi neck beads
Several philosophical questions
Chanting the Holy Names and Performing service simultaneously
Preparing food to be offered
Narmada River/Siva Linga
Taste from chanting of Nityananda and Gauranga?
Videos, Associates and Momentum
bahudha bhakti-rasabhinartakah
Initiation withdrawal by the Guru
Position of soul
Caitanya Chandramrta
Significance of the urdhve pundra tilaka
What is Mahaprakash
Sri Navadvipa Mahatmya chapter 6
Lord Shiva eats only Vishnu prasadam?
Demigods in spiritual world?
Gaura-lila in spiritual and material world - differences?
Video: Marginal energy
Video: success in mantra meditation
Video: Shaktyavesa avataras
Does Nityananda Gauranga compromise Hare Krishna?
Is Lord Gauranga really displeased when someone chants His Name?
Should Lord Gauranga Be Worshiped As God Since He Appeared In The Mood Of His Own Devotee?
Jyotish Astrology?
Instructions In Chaitanya Charitamrta
our spiritual master Lord Nityananda Rama
yack pack picture upload assistance
Recharching the bhakti batteries
Which Mantra?
Family benefit
Laksheshvara Sanga
Bala Krishna Deity
Dressing of Deities before 5 am
Suklambara's example
Ista devata questions
Associates of Lord Gauranga
Bhagavad Gita As It Is Question
Gauranga Nama Prabhu
Krsna at end of Dvarupa yuga?
Gauranga with peacock feather & prema
Can Nityananda Gauranga wear shark-shaped earrings
Bomb blasts in the Hare Krishna Temple
Dwelling In Navadvipa
Description of Photos
I always thought the Lords name refered to the neam tree
Vaishnava etiquette and handling offenses
Ashraya and Full-fledged Diksha
Smritis, Shrutis, Shastras,...
Vaishnava qualities
How to prevent Falldown?
Article from Vani Vaibhava
The origin of scriptures
Srila Prabhupada's instruction in a dream
Nature of devotee and dilemma
Vaisnava aparadha questions
Questions about another paths?
Kali yuga
Questions about Gaura-Gadadhara
Kali Yuga and Sannyasa
Nothing happens by chance
Does God test humans
Love or Fear of God
Deity Worship
God and Universe
Karma Laws
Is Ego a manufacturing defect
Guru Tattva
Radha Krishna Combined
Pranayama and Bhakti
Radha or Rukmini
Unperfected sadhana and time of death
Advaita Acharya and Maha Vishnu
Prema Dhvani Prayers
Faith in Gauranga's Holy Name
Teaching children
Sayujya mukti
Married to a nondevotee,
Critisizing a saintly person is offensive
Picking Tulasi's leaves
Pronoun and sannyasi(s)
Loud Soft Mental Chanting
Hanuman Chalisa
Gurus on the altar
Second initation
The holy names
Reside in USA or India
Who chanted Bhaja Gauranga and why
To renounce or not externally
Swami i need help
Vaisnava politics
Three Modes
Protection by Lord
Chaitanya Bhagavata Reading
Should one bathe in Shri Radha Kunda
Why to sit on an asana
My Mahadiksha
Devotional Tattoos and ear piercing
Questions on transmigration of the soul
Why feel much better
What becomes of material world
Human soul is female at conception
Why not permit past times within marriage
Who is Shrila Madhavendra Puri in Krishna Balaram pastimes
A Baby Does Not Study.....must We
Exclusive attraction for Nityananda
Kala Krishnadasa
Lord Nityananda and sanyasa
Was I born "by chance"?
Offering medicines
Gaura Narayana
Progress in the Chanting Stages
Material & Spiritual Natures
Constituents of the Spiritual World
Alzheimer & Death
Chanting & Impersonal Mentality
Ego becomes more after Chanting
When did Yashoda accept Krishna as God?
Srimati Radharani's Lotus feet
To Study or Not to Study?
To Offer or Not to Offer?
Who are Gauranga Nagaris?
Lord Buddha
Just relax
Questions & Answers
Question on Sri Harinama Cintamani
Self-realization, liberation and bhakti
Jesus & Krishna
Lord Nitai & Two bodies
Mantra Shakti & Paramatma
64 rounds and Chanting Realizations
Modernism & Escapism
Disciplic Succession
Differences in descriptions
Is it not enough?
Which one is correct?
Regarding pastime of Supreme Lord Gauranga, of going to Mathura.
Disciplic Succession
Constitutional position and madhurya-rasa
Questions about location of material universes
Lord Buddha
The Dhamas
Ekachakra Dhama.
Question regarding chanting...
Lord Nityananda and Advaita Acharya
Regarding Souls in Kali Yuga
Easing Mahaprabhu's Seperation
"Guru is Nityananda"
Regarding the "Ideal House holder life"...article.
Regarding the "Ideal House holder life"...article.
Disease and Name
Different translations
Are you doing it for name and fame?
Qualification to see the Lord
Dasya Rasa with Lord Gauranga
How to please Nityananda?
Shri Krishna Samhita dates
Why to keep the beads covered?
Lord Gauranga and Preaching
Who came first
Association and Aparadha
Dental Implantation
Yuga Avatara
Destination of Shishupala
To Become A Vaishnava Proper Is Almost Impossible
Nothing happens by chance
Do Angels exist?
Who is Guhaka
Wordly affairs and devotion
Question from Navadvipa Dhama Mahatmya.
Are there any Nityananda or Gauranga salagrama silas?
Power to Preach
Vaikuntha manifestation of Lord Gauranga
Altar and pranama questions
Hell or new chance?
Shrila Markandeya Rishi
Spiritual Activities Query
Gita Avyakta Murtina Query
Can We Desire Query
Chanting 64 Rounds Query
Difference in Names
Shrila Siddhanta Sarasvati on Guru
Serving prasadam
Onion & Garlic
Naam Guru
Who are demigods
Who are demigods
Throw in the towel
Devotees in Difficulty
Philosophy and Pastimes
Question on Naam Stages and Diksha
Is Sita Vishnupriya or Gadadhara in Gaura lila
Vani Vaibhava and Jaiva Dharma reading
Naam Guru