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Title: Spiritual Form

User: Swami Gaurangapada Date: 2007-03-15 05:57:56


All Glories to Shri Gurudev and All devotees,

Please accept my most humble obeisances,

Nityananda Gauranga Hare Krishna,


1. Each soul has an individual spiritual form, yet in Gaura Lila we see that there are many associates of Krishna who have come in Gaura Lila in combination i.e. Prahalad Maharaj and Brahmaji both come as Haridas Thakur, Sadashiv and Vishnu come as Advaita Acharya and many more where even 2-3 persons of Krishna Lila have come in a joint form in Gaur Lila, This is confusing - please enlighten.


2. Regarding Vaishnav Association you have said that it is the mood of trinad api sunicena- why is it that Humility attracts the lord the most. How to develop this attitude that we are non-devotees and everyone else is a dear most devotee of the lord. Because inherently, each of us thinks that we should become the best in whatever we do, and that carries on even in our spiritual endeavours where we aspire to become the so called best devotees. Though there is not a drop of devotion, we falsely think that just because we are externally carrying out the rituals of devotional life we are devotee, but yet somewhere in our heart we have a desire to someday become genuine devotees - so please help, how to develop genuine devotion, and true humiltiy. What exactly does the phrase mean when they say "Danta trina dhori" Rupa Goswami and Sanatana Goswami held straw between their teeth and paid obeisances to Lord Gauranga.


Thank you very much.

Your servant forever,

Preeti Nityananda dasi.


Answer by Swami Gaurangapada:


Nityananda! Gauranga! Hare Krishna!


A1. Yes, sometimes two or three eternal associates in the Lord's other pastimes merge in one form in Gaura lila. These nitya-siddha associates are not souls like us but kayavyuha expansions of the Lord as explained in Jaiva Dharma so the combined form in Gaura lila is also an combined expansion of their original forms and cannot be considered simply as a combination of many souls. It is the beauty and rarity of Gaura lila that many expansions of the eternal associates can combine into one spiritual form in Gaura lila. Since entry into Gaura lila is so rarely attained sometimes such a combination takes place mostly in the cases of the eternal associates. In short, it is inconceivable beyond the logical understanding of the tiny human intelligence. One will only factually realize this truth when one gets there.


When nitya-baddha souls like us become sadhana-siddha and enter into the spiritual world, generally we get one specific form in Gaura lila. But there can always be exceptions.


A2. To develop this humble mood, one should sing the two songs of Shrila Bhaktivinoda Thakura daily with the understanding of their meaning and actually feeling it in our own lives: (1) shri krishna kirtana jadi manasa tohara (explanation to the trinad api verse) and (2) amara jivana sada pape rata. Someone can post this two songs in this thread. You can find them by searching in our Site search box.


Posted by Igor:


amara jibana, sada pape rata

nahiko punyera lesa

parere udvega, diyachi je kato

diyachi jibere klesa


Throughout my whole life I have been addicted to sin, never performing any pious

activities. I have simply been a source of disturbance and suffering for others.



nija sukha lagi, pape nahi dori,

doya-hina swartha-paro

para-sukhe duhkhi, sada mithya-bhase,

para-duhkha sukha-karo


For my own pleasure I never fear to commit any sin. I am devoid of pity and full of

selfishness; I sorry at others?happiness and am an inveterate liar. Indeed, I take

delight in others?miseries.



asesa kamana, hrdi mahje mora,

krodhi, dambha-parayana

mada-matta sada, bisaye mohita,

himsa-garva vibhusana


Endless are the selfish desires in my heart. I am prone to anger and devoted to

arrogance. Intoxicated by conceit and deluded by attraction to sense pleasure, I

ornament myself with pride and envy.



nidralasya hata, sukarje birata,

akarje udyogi ami

pratistha lagiya, sathya acarana,

lobha-hata sada kami


Afflicted by laziness and sleep, adverse to pious activities, I delight to perform any

harmful act to obtain name and fame. I am very adept in duplicity, always lusty and

degraded by mundane greed.



e heno durjana, saj-jana-barjita,

aparadhi nirantara

subha-karja-sunya, sadanartha-matah,

nana duhkhe jara jara


Being such a miscreant and rejected by saintly persons, I have become a repeated

offender. I never do good deeds but am inclined only to bad habits. Thus, I am

oppressed by so many miseries.



bardhakye ekhona, upaya-bihina,

ta te dina akincana

bhakativinoda, prabhura carane

kare duhkha nibedana


Now in old age I am rendered helpless, reduced to a fallen and destitute condition.

Bhaktivinoda presents his sad case at the feet of the Lord