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Title: Bathe in Ganga or not

User: Swami Gaurangapada Date: 2007-03-14 06:54:50



Q. Maharaj I want to ask you something that once you had told that if Gaura Bhakta devotees will bathe at Ganga then the sin of Gangadevi will vanished. But according to Chaitanya-Bhagavata touching Gangadevi with our feet is not correct. For eg:. so pls explain me these in deep. - In your service, Veena.



Answer by Swami Gaurangapada:


Shrila Pundarika Vidyanidhi was a very great devotee of Lord Gauranga Mahaprabhu so we cannot imitate his divine activities. He wanted to avoid putting his feet in the Ganga and this is a very exalted way of thinking. Any devotee who wants to follow Shrila Pundarika Vidyanidhi's exalted way of thinking and not take bath in the Ganga waters is also right and he or she can surely do so.


But since our acharyas like Shrila Prabhupada, Shrila Bhaktisiddhanta and Shrila Bhaktivinoda and the Associates of Lords Nityananda Gauranga have not specifically forbidden us from taking bath in the Ganga and all associates of Lords Nityananda Gauranga would take bath in the Ganga, we can also take bath in the Ganga following in their footsteps as bathing in the Ganga has been glorified so much in the scriptures.


So both ways of understanding and following are correct. Thankyou.