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Title: Balarama

User: Gouranga dasa          Date: 2007-04-06 01:50:41


Dear Srila Gouranga Pada.



Does Lord  Balarama also have a favourite Gopi like Krishna does? just a few days ago was the spring time rasa dance of Lord Balarama with the Gopis so please can you give any insight to Lord Balaramas consort or consorts?


Your humble servant




Title: Re: Gopis of Lord Balarama

User: Swami Gaurangapada Date: 2007-04-06 15:05:58


Nityananda! Gauranga! Hare Krishna! Jaya Guru Parampara! Pranams  and Blessings !  Some description of Lord Balarama's pastimes with His eternal consorts and groups of Gopis and their leaders is given as per below in the Ananda Vrindavana Champu. But the names of His gopis are not mentioned.



Haladhara (Balarama, the holder of the plow) looked extraordinarily  elegant moving with His own group of young gopi consorts. One golden  earring enticingly danced on Balarama's cheek and His eyes rolled from  drinking varuni. With His dark blue caddar half falling off His camphor  white chest, Baladeva looked like the white moon breaking through the  darkness. For some time, Baladeva, who is a talented artist, danced to the  beat of songs in carcass and dvipadika. Appearing like the personification  of bliss, Balarama sang, laughed, and threw kunkuma powder on His beoved  gopis, as if sprinkling the sindura of love on their foreheads. Backed by  the vina, Baladeva loudly sang a song in dvipadika. Then in a joking mood,  He threw colored powders on the restless-eyed gopis. Balarama mixed with  His many gopi group leaders and their companions in the same way that  Krishna enjoys with His gopis like Radhika, Lalita, Candravali, Syama, and  Bhadra.


Krishna meanwhile defeated the gopis' long-standing pride of their singng  skill by playing sweetly but indistinctly on His flute. The gopis  reponded by surrounding Krishna and dousing Him with kunkuma while their  bangles jingled joyfully. While tolerating the showers of kunkuma, Hari  hung His head down submissively like the best of youthful, intoxicated  elephants, and continued playing His flute song in carcari tala. As Krishna playfully moved with heroic steps, He met with Balarama who  rambled about like an intoxicated elephant along with His own group of  enraptured young gopis. These gopis, who were completely attached to  Balarama, gazed at Him with tender eyes, conveying their affection for  their beloved consort. Lifting their bangle-laden arms, they sang  accordng to the beat and sometimes induced Balarama to sing along. While  their ankle-bells tinkled in time with the nimble movements of their feet,  the gopis danced beside their beloved Balarama, and threw kunkuma power  on His body with great delight.


Understanding the hints from Krishna's glances, the cowherd boys bomarded  the gopis with red, white and yellow scented powders. Balarama's gopis ran  away fearfully. Seeing their condition, Krishna smiled and mocked them by  playing merrily on His flute. Krishna's gopis laughed along in sweet tones.  While clapping their hands with a strong beat and bellowing "Ho! Ho! Hee!  Hee!" Krishna's friends filled the four directions with robust laugher.


His anger and passion enflamed, Rohininandana, roaring like a wild young  bull elephant suddenly spurred to competition, chased Krishna's comanions  to defeat them with a deluge of powders. Glancing forwards and backwards  like lions stalking prey, Krishna's girlfriends desired victory. But losing  their intelligence, they could not decide whether to attack or to retreat,  so they all ran away. When Krishna's gopa friends counter-attacked Baladeva,  He laughed as He squeezed them in His strong, snake-like arms and covered  them with colorful powders. In the pleasure of playing, Krishna's cowherd  boyfriends lost all sense of awe for Baladeva, as they shouted at Him with  contorted faces. Being very strong, they managed to get free from  Baladeva's grip. Gathering in a group, they fearlessly retaliated with a  volley of vermilion flower bombs. Though defeated, Baladeva remained  fearless.Krishna, bathing everyone in the glow of His soft, sweet smile,  said, "What you have done is not right. I do not like it. It is  ungentlemanly to gang up on My brother who is all alone." Hearing this,  all the boys calmed down.


Moved by the emotions of comedy, pride and anger, Baladeva's comlexion  assumed a ruddy hue to appear like a diamond pillar embraced by red  lotuses. The majestic form of Balarama shone like a huge crystal bud  reflecting the red jaba flower, or like a proud pinnacle of ice touched by  the pink of early dawn. Baladeva looked as elegant as a mountain of white  lotuses covered by a forest of pink lotuses inhabited by cakravaka birds.  He looked like a full moon anointed with vermilion, glowing in the red  evening sunset. Seeing Him thus, Balarama's gopis surrounded Him and  amused Him with blissful singing and dancing as they wandered off  together.