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Am I God?


God, by definition, is supremely independent and is never controlled; He is the supreme controller. In the Isopanisad, the word 'Isha' is used to describe the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Tsha' means 'controller'. Is there any person anywhere within this universe who is not controlled? Can anyone say, "I am not controlled"? Nobody can say that. Why? None of us wants to grow old, get diseased and die yet its happening to us all the time and we have no control over it whatsoever. No one wants to suffer, but sufferings are constantly coming in our lives and we have no control to stop them. Thus we are thoroughly controlled by the stringent laws of nature. So if one is controlled, then why does he declare, "I am not controlled, I am independent, I am God"? Mayavadi impersonalists claim, "I am God, you are God, everyone is God." But when they get a toothache it controls them so much that they can do nothing about it except moan in pain. And when they get a call of nature, it so completely controls them that they have to helplessly run to respond. So if they are controlled, how can they be God? Does this make any sense? God is never controlled - He is the supreme controller. So if somebody is controlled, immediately we should know that he is not God.


Now, this is not to say that the living entities are not controllers to some extent. In the Bhagavad-gita Lord Krishna says that the living entities are His superior energy. The living entities are superior because they are conscious, whereas material energy is not conscious. Therefore the living entities can manipulate and control the material energy to some extent. For example, before the Europeans came to America, the land there was mostly vacant and unutilized. They developed it into a country with great industries and roads.Thus the superior spiritual energy can have some control over the inferior material energy. But we have forgotten that, although we are superior to matter, we are still subordinate to God. And that superiority is being misused to exploit matter for sense gratification. That is conditioned life. If superiority is used for controlling matter to glorify God, that will liberate us. For example, everyone decorates their home for sense gratification; if one decorates a temple of God, using his artistic and creative skills, it is right use of superiority over matter and that will bring him closer to God.The following examples illustrate the relationship between matter and spirit and the difference between the infinitesimal living entity and the infinite God:


*A scientist, a tiny living entity, can put a satellite in orbit after years of research; but God can float millions of huge planets in orbit effortlessly.

*A human being, a tiny living entity, can create a 200-storied skyscraper building but God can create millions of universes (ananta koti brahmanda nayak).

A human being can make a small swimming pool, but God can make gigantic swimming pools, the vast oceans. This is the difference between the living entity and God, The Bhagavad-gita clearly states that we are not God. It also unambiguously declares we can never become God even after liberation (15.16). We are not God, but we are God's.