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Who am I? A Bag of Chemicals?


"You are now worth five and a half times more than you were just a few years ago. The calcium, magnesium, iron and other chemicals in an adult's body were worth Rs 20 in the early part of this  decade; now they are worth Rs 110 according to Dr. Harry Monsen, a professor of anatomy at Illinois College of Medicine." Says a release from the Associated Press."Most of the human body,"  the article continues, "is water. In a 60 pound person, Dr. Monsen said, there are about 5 pounds of calcium, VA pounds of phosphate, about 9 ounces of potassium, a little more than six ounces  each of sulfur and sodium, a little more than an ounce of magnesium, and less than an ounce each of iron, copper and iodine." Calcium, phosphate, potassium, sulfur - Now does that sound like  you? Is this the essential stuff of our identity?


Most people understand intuitively that their life is deeply meaningful and not at all trivial; they certainly do not consider themselves to be a lump of chemicals. Yet this is the world-view that results  from accepting the current scientific theories, especially the evolution theory. The contemporary world-view and the Vedic world-view are diametrically opposite.In the first three chapters we will  examine the validity of the contemporary world-view and in the subsequent chapters we will understand in depth the Vedic world-view.