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Limitations of the Scientific Approach


Why not Produce Life?


An easy way to lend some credibility to the theory of evolution is to produce some form of life in the laboratory by chemical reactions. Practically speaking, at this stage of scientific knowledge  most of the important chemicals found in the living cell including the gene can be synthesized in the chemical laboratory. And those in the forefront of microbiology and biochemistry have made a  vigorous effort to put all the necessary chemicals together and prepare the first synthetic life in the test tube.


There are however no life symptoms visible when all these chemicals are combined. Even without taking so much trouble to synthesize all these chemicals, scientists can actually isolate the  necessary chemicals from an already living body and then recombine them. If life were a chemical combination, scientists could actually make life in the test tube by assembling all these  important chemicals. But they cannot do this. Despite great scientific discoveries and achievements, the bright hope for understanding life in molecular terms seem to be losing ground and many  prominent scientists in various fields are beginning to doubt the validity of this concept. In the book 'Biology Today', Nobel-prize-winning chemist Albert Szent Gyorgyi remarked, "In my search for  the secret of life, I ended up with atoms and electrons, which have no life at all. Somewhere along the line, life ran out through my fingers. So, in my old age, I am now retracing my steps..."


Chemicals do not Produce Life, Life Produces Chemicals


Many instances show that life produces matter, but there are no evidences of dead matter or chemicals producing life.  An ordinary lemon tree endowed with life produces hundreds of lemons.    The  juice   from   all these lemons produces tons of citric acid. Thus it is easy to see that  life  produces  chemicals.But once the tree is dead, can one revive  it by injecting any amount ot  chemicals?  So chemicals do not produce life; rather life produces chemicals.


The Tiny World of Material Science


Evolutionists have attempted to explain the origin and development of life without first defining what life actually is. More fundamentally, science fully depends on the prior existence of  consciousness, and therefore of life itself. A scientist cannot perform scientific activity unless he is alive and conscious. Material scientists hope to make a complete description of all types of  activities, and then explain all activity in terms of natural, physical law. But human beings perform a wide range of activities - personal, interpersonal, cultural, aesthetic and spiritual. Can all of  these or for that matter any of these be explained in scientific terms? Will, for example, a neurologist do a brain scan of his wife when he finds that she is upset with him? Eminent Mathematician  Jagadish N Srivastava, CNS Research Professor, Colorado State University, therefore comments, "Spirituality is the Reality of our existence. Physics lives in side only "