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A Challenge to an Atheist


The Rationalist Association is an organization especially dedicated to disproving the existence of God and the soul. On August 14, 1977, the Colombo (Sri Lanka) 'Sunday Times' published an  article by Dr. Abraham T. Kovoor, president of the Sri Lanka branch of the Rationalist Association, entitled, "Is There Life After Death?" In this article, Dr. Kovoor maintained that life is merely a  complex chemical activity and that the soul cannot survive death, since there is actually no such thing as the soul. This article led to a heated debate, both in the 'Sunday Times' and in  correspondence between Dr. Kovoor and members of the Sri Lanka branch of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness.


After the  'Sunday Times" had printed a few exchange of articles, the Hare Krishna movement publicly challenged Dr.Kovoor to prove his statement that life originates from chance biochemical  combinations. ISKCON publicly offered Dr.Kovoor Rs 5,00,000 ($60,000) if he could create any form of life - a mouse a cat a mnsnnitn or any other plainly visible creatures - from inert  chemicals. The 'Sunday Times' ran this story: "The high priest of Sri Lanka rationalists, Dr. Abraham T. Kovoor, who has been challenging people for decades to prove the existence of God, the  soul and rebirth, is now on the receiving end. ISKCON has now challenged Dr. Kovoor to prove his contention that life originated from matter."


'"We, the members of the Hare Krishna movement are openly challenging him to produce any form of life, even a mosquito, by mixing chemicals together. If he cannot substantiate his theory, he  should remain silent forever' say the ISKCON members.""They will be waiting for Dr. Kovoor at the Ramakrishna Mission Hall on September 20, at 6:30 pm. Admission will be free to the public."

Having been challenged to demonstrate that he could create life at a public meeting, Dr Kovoor declined to attend, saying that he would not feel obliged to demonstrate that he could create life  unless God Himself were to appear in person to demonstrate the same thing. The 'Times' reported this with the headline "Flummoxed Kovoor Passes the Buck."

Suggested reading: The Appendix of the book 'Life comes from Life' entitled "The Challenge"