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Am I a robot?


Let us consider the example of a machine that when exposed to a red light would say, "I see red light". Such a machine could be built by connecting a photocell with a red filter to an amplifier. When triggered, the amplifier would turn on a tape recorder that plays back the message, "I see red light." Although the machine declares that it 'sees' a red light, no one m his right mind would imagine that it is actually 'seeing' anything. If the filter were changed from red to blue and the remaining setup kept the same, the machine would declare, "I see red light" on 'seeing' blue light!


Once a TV program showed a robot performing an aratik ceremony for Lord Balaji; the robot was rotating an incense stick with one hand while ringing a bell with the other. Seeing it a few uninformed people were enamored thinking that science has created a human being. But an engineer would hardly be impressed as such a system is no more than a combination of mechanical servomotors run in conjunction with a microprocessing device. When a living person performs aratik ceremony for Lord Balaji, he is conscious of it and he offers the paraphernalia with love, whereas a robot lacks any such feeling; it is just like an automobile which moves but does not itself experience motion.