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Reincarnation - Modern Outlook


Reincarnation was thought of to be a Hindu belief at one time. In 1969, a Gallup Poll found that nearly 20 percent of the American public believed in life after death. A similar survey in 1981 revealed that 23 percent of all Americans believed in reincarnation - almost one quarter of the population. In 1989, research analyst Walter Martin wrote that "the latest survey on reincarnation indicates more than 58 percent of Americans believed in reincarnation." According to a recent survey published in 'World Statistics' (July, 1996), "more Americans believe in reincarnation than ever before." In the East, four out of five people surveyed embrace the doctrine with full conviction. In total, this accounts for well over half the world's population.By understanding how the concept of reincarnation is an integral part of the teachings of every religion, we can


*Form genuine friendly relationships that promote understanding between ourselves and members of other religions.

*Understand that all humans, nay, all living beings, are working towards that ultimate perfection of becoming free from materialistic conceptions and returning back to spiritual realm, which is the ultimate goal of life.