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Eternal Damnation In Hell After One Sinful Life?


A common misconception dispelled by the clear logic of reincarnation concerns religious dogma claiming that everything rests on our performance in this one life time only, warning that if we lead a immoral life, we will be condemned to eternal damnation in the darkest regions of hell- without a prayer of emancipation. Understandably, sensitive, God-conscious people find such a system of ultimate justice to be more demoniac than divine. Is it possible that man can show mercy or compassion toward others, but Gcd is incapable of such feelings? Such unreasonable teachings ignore the eternal bond of love that exists between God and His intimate expansions, the living beings. By definition (man is made in the image of God), God must possess all qualities to the highest degree of perfection. One of these qualities is mercy. The notion that after one brief life a human being can be consigned to suffer eternally in hell is not consistent with the conception of a supreme being possessing infinite mercy.Even an ordinary father would give his son more than one chance to make his life perfect.


The Vedic literatures, which give the most clear understanding of the principles of reincarnation, repeatedly extol the magnanimous nature of God. Krishna is merciful to even those who openly despise Him, for He is situated within everyone's heart and gives all living beings the opportunity to realize their dreams and ambitions. Actually the Lord's mercy knows no end. The Lord loves each and every living being so much that He repeatedly gives him opportunities to transcend the cycle of birth and death, even if he may not deserve such opportunities due to his sinful activities.

According to the doctrine of reincarnation, Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, recognizes and preserves even a small amount of good done by an otherwise evil person. It is rare to see anyone who is 100% sinful. Therefore, if a living being makes some slight degree of spiritual progress in his present life, then in his next life he is allowed to continue from that point. The soul may thus develop his inherent spiritual qualities through many lives, until he no longer has to reincarnate in a material body, until he returns to his original home in the spiritual world.