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Is Karma The Supreme Factor In Deciding My Future?


Some people think that the law of karma works blindly so much so that even the supreme Lord Sri Krishna or Sri Rama are bound by it. This idea is offensive. Lord Rama or Lord Krishna is never bound by karma; in fact the law of karma is completely under the grip of the Lord.


When I throw a ball at a wall it may appear to bounce back at me automatically. Similarly I may think everything that happens is a result of my past work, and that there is no place or need for any higher or divine supervision. But let us consider - who made the ball? Who made the wall? Who made the arrangement by which the ball bounces back at me? Even if I made both the wall and the ball, who made the body I use to throw it with? The body may be offered as a result of my karma, but who made it? I cannot claim I did, or my parents did, for neither they nor I know exactly how even one of the ninety billion cells within it works, what to speak of making one. The conclusion we must inescapably reach is that there is a higher or divine supervision over all our affairs.


The Srimad Bhagavatam (3.31.1) clearly explains, "Under the supervision of the Supreme Lord and according to the result of his work, the living entity, the soul, is made to enter into the womb " The Vedic scriptures explain that the material nature is conducted by crores of demigods, all of whom work under the instruction of the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna. In other words, Lord Krishna is above the jurisdiction of the law of karma. In fact the law of karma works under His direction and control. Therefore if one surrenders to Krishna, one is freed from all good and bad karma and reinstated in one's spiritual position.


A Karma


As discussed earlier, all fruitive activities, whether good or bad, bind the soul to the material world. If even good activities bind the soul, how then can the soul become free from bondage?


The answer is - by akarma. Akarma does not refer to inaction, but rather to action that does not produce any reaction. Just as a soldier fighting on behalf of the government is not implicated for killing the enemy soldiers or just as a cashier counting money for a bank is not held responsible for the profit or loss of the bank, similarly the soul who works on behalf of Krishna -the head of the universal government - is not subjected to the law of karma. Just as a lotus flower is untouched by the water in which it resides, such a soul is unaffected by karma, though he resides in the world where karma prevails. For the soul who agrees to follow the Lord's instructions, the Lord takes up all responsibility for his actions just as a father takes the responsibility for an obedient son.


For example, in the Mahabharata, Lord Krishna took responsibility for the sins that Arjuna incurred while killing the Kauravas. Similarly the Lord also took responsibility for the pious deeds of Maharaja Yudhishthira. Consequently neither of them was victimized by the subsequent reactions of their actions.Therefore whatever position of life we may be in, if we work on behalf of the Lord, for the pleasure of the Lord according to His instructions, by offering Him the fruits of our work, we will be performing akarma and will therefore become freed from the reactions to our activities.