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Scientific Proof For Reincarnation


People sometimes ask, "Who knows what is going to happen after death? Who has seen whether we are born again? Just forget this afterlife business and enjoy life now." The sublime truths are learnt by hearing not by seeing. All religious scriptures abound with quotes on rebirth. We have cited so many quotations and convictions of famous scientists and philosophers about their faith in reincarnation, but people are still dull to understand. Here we will cite a practical proof for reincarnation based on the research work done in the field of spontaneous past-life memories in children.Of course, there is no tool or methodology available in science to "prove" that reincarnation is a fact. For that matter, science can never actually "prove" anything. Through science, all we can do is gather data as carefully as possible and then try to explain them in the most consistent and reasonable way. And when the body of data grows, our explanations have to grow with it. This is what is done in science and this we can apply in the case of reincarnation also.


There have been many researchers, psychiatrists and hypno­therapists who began with little or no sympathy for reincarnationist perspectives, but their research unavoidably pointed in this direction, and so, like it or not, they proceeded with their findings. The work of Dr. Ian Stevenson, Carlson Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Virginia, is particularly representative of this approach.Apart from Dr Ian Stevenson, many other researchers like Satwant Parischa, Gabriel Delanne (1924), Shirley (1932), B L   Atreya   (1957),   Parrinder   (1976),   McTaggart   (1915),

Ducasse (1961) and Broad (1962,1971) have taken the subject of reincarnation very seriously and have researched and defended it. Over a 100 books and several research dissertations have been written on the subject of reincarnation since the late nineteenth century.


Dr Ian Stevenson's research of childhood reincarnation cases spans some 30 years. Many of the children he has worked with are from India and Sri Lanka, others are from the Middle East, Europe, Africa and the Americas. As of 1987, Stevenson had accumulated over 3000 cases of this type in his files and over half of these were of the "solved" type (that is the child's past life  experience  had been  determined beyond  reasonable doubt). In the 64 such solved cases from India, Sri Lanka, Lebanon, Turkey, Thailand and Burma - about which he has written extensively - the children's parents or relatives were able to recall up to 60 statements made by the child that were mostly capable of verification and which helped identify his or her past life.


Thanks to Stevenson's work, thousands of cases "suggestive of reincarnation" have now seen their way into print, and his related work is published in such prestigious academic journals as 'The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease', 'The Journal of the American Medical Association', and 'The International Journal of Comparative Sociology.' Dr Harold Lief, one of Stevenson's colleagues, describes him as meticulous, thorough, methodical, and objective. "If anyone can discover the truth of reincarnation without bias," says Lief, "it will be Stevenson."When someone seems to have truthful memories of a former life, Dr Stevenson interviews him, the people around him, and if possible the people of the life apparently remembered, looking for a more ordinary, normal way to explain things. He looks for fraud - stories with holes in them and conflicting, unreliable reports. Only when there is no other possible explanation does he conclude that a case appears to be quite strong in establishing reincarnation.