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Relevance Of Reincarnation In Our Life


Most people feel that reincarnation, even if it is a reality, has little or no relevance to their liveb. And even most of those interested in reincarnation study it out of idle curiosity, treating it as a mysterious subject meant for titillating their minds and intellects. But reincarnation has a great and immediate relevance to the life of each one of us.Imagine goats standing in a queue in a slaughterhouse being chopped one after another. Though these goats are about to be killed, they are satisfied simply with the little green grassbeing fed to them. Even if you warn a goat, "Hey! Just see. Your turn is next. You are going to be chopped. Forget the grass. Run for your life.", it doesn't even want to hear you. It just goes on eating the grass with eyes closed and head nodding. And very soon it gets slaughtered.


Similarly, the whole world is like a slaughterhouse where everyone is being killed one after another. Yet, like the foolish goats, most people get intoxicated simply by getting a little sense gratification and do not think about their impending death. Even if warned by spiritualists they pay no heed. And one not-so-fine morning they are forced to quit the body to which they are very attached. They thus die a miserable death repenting at not having utilized the valuable human form of life.


On the other hand, an intelligent person tries to understand the meaning of life by asking questions like - Is death the end of everything or is there life after death? If reincarnation is a reality, can I decide my future body? And most importantly, if I am eternal, do I have to keep dying and being reborn again and again, or can I attain eternal life? If yes, how? Perhaps one day scientific investigation will come up with answers to these questions. Because of the work of Dr Stevenson and other researchers, there is now a considerable body of data suggesting that reincarnation is a fact. But before science even begins to figure out what's going on, reincarnation may happen to us - perhaps countless times. And death and rebirth are traumatic events, involving immense suffering. Is there no way immediately available to know the fruth and to avoid all this suffering? There is. Suppose you are faced with an unfamiliar but complex machine. You can observe it and try to figure out how it works. You can monkey with the thing and see what happens. You can call in friends and get their ideas of what the pulleys, gears, and wires are supposed to do. And maybe you'll figure it out. Maybe. But the sure way to understand the machine is to learn about it from the person who built it. Similarly the vast universe around is like a massive machine. The direct way to understand the machinery of the universe - including the subtle mechanism of reincarnation - is to learn about it from the person behind it - God. One should therefore, learn the truth from the authorized scriptures, which are directly the word of God. In the next chapter we will therefore find out what the various world religions say about reincarnation.