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'I have more freedom. I am independent.'


When  Srila Prabhupada was  visiting  Tokyo,   an  initiated  disciple, who was not living at the temple, came to meet him."Why don't you live with us?" Srila Prabhupada asked him.

Srila Prabhupada would travel all over the world just to meet and guide devotees on the spiritual path."I  am  not  able  to  be   free  living  within  the  devotees' association," the discontented disciple replied.

"Where are you living?" Srila Prabhupada asked.

"I am living in the train station," he said.

"The train station?" asked Srila Prabhupada."What is that like?"

The young man began describing his difficult life in the train station. The policemen would often wake him up and throw him out by force.

"So you have left us in order to have more freedom," said Prabhupada, "But now you are living under force."

"Yes," he admitted.

"If you do not like living with devotees," Srila Prabhupada continued, "you will find it even more difficult living under the strict control of the material nature. So give this up and live with us."


A dog who agrees to serve a master gets the love and care of the master, eats costly biscuits and travels in the same car as the master. Similarly a devotee, who surrenders to Krishna, draws Krishna's attention by his service, eats the prasadam (the remnants) of the Lord and is free from all anxieties. On the other hand a street dog is 'anatha'; he has no master. He feels,

'I am free to go anywhere', but he is stoned by boys, bitten by other street dogs, starves without food, suffers without shelter and caught by the municipality van to be killed. This is what he enjoys in the name of 'freedom'. Similarly the living entity, who wants to enjoy independent of Krishna, comes to the material world, where he is made to run here and there for enjoyment. In order to squeeze out some happiness, he performs sinful activities repeatedly, but when he is unable to grasp any happiness, he gets frustrated.