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'I am the Creator'


When a little girl sees her mother cooking, she cries adamantly, "Mother! You get out of the kitchen. Today's cooking will be done by me." As it would be dangerous to allow the little girl to come near the gas stove, the mother presents her with a harmless toy stove with tiny electric bulbs that light in place of fires. Similarly, Lord Krishna is the supreme enjoyer and He performs wonderful pastimes in the spiritual world eternally. But when we want to become the enjoyer, the Lord allows us to imitate His pastimes in this toy material world. Just as the child is expected to someday stop playing with toys and begin her real work, so the Lord expects each of us to stop our foolish imitation of Him through sense enjoyment and return to our natural position of devotional service in the spiritual sky.


All that we see in this material world is like an imitation, a shadow. It is like what is seen in a cinematographic picture. The Srimad-Bhagavatam (1.1.1) states janmady asya yatah anvayad itaratas ca arthesu abhijnah svarat, yatra tri-sargo 'mrsd. A nice girl's doll in a shop-window may look exactly like a nice, beautiful girl, but every sane man knows that it is just an imitation. Similarly all the beautiful things we see here in the material world are imitation of the real beauty in the spiritual world. As the doll is imitation of a beautiful girl, similarly, Shridhara Swami says, "Because the spiritual world is real and this unreal manifestation appears to be real, but it is not real, we can understand reality will exist; reality will not vanquish." That which is reality is eternal.