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Organization of the Universal Government


Have you ever marveled at how complex our human body is? There are thousands of dentists to take care of just one tiny part of this body - teeth. Similarly there are many specialists doing doctorate studies on one particular organ of the body like eyes, nose, ears, heart, kidney etc. Within the body every part contributes to the overall functioning of the body and receives its required nourishment. All this highly coordinated activity is done with incredible precision. Thus the body is like a well-organized country run by a competent government. Not only the body, but the whole universe works like a well-organized country run by a government. A good government is supposed to provide food and water to the citizens, keep good sanitary conditions, provide medical facilities for the sick etc. In the universal government we see that grains, cereals, fruits etc are provided by God through nature. The sun convert salty ocean water into pure potable water for all living beings. The sun and rain take care of sanitation. There are medicinal herbs to cure the sick. Thus how can such a universal government far bigger than that of an ordinary country emerge without a supreme controller or have no purpose? Certainly God has created this world with the purpose of giving an opportunity to all living beings to realize their connection with Him, purify their existence and return back to Him.