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Returning to Harmony


The symptom of suffering is good, because it gives us an opportunity to look for the root cause. All suffering has a puipose behind it. A thief is beaten so that he gives up his stealing propensity. When our bodily system is disturbed, it gets heated up showing fever so that we can take immediate action. Thus the symptom of heat or pain is not bad, as it allows us to take positive action to rectify the bad situation in the system.Similarly we find that in this world, despite our prolonged endeavors for happiness, suffering persists. This indicates that we are in a foreign atmosphere. A fish out of water with all comforts and luxuries can never enjoy nor can a man feel as comfortable high up in the airplane or in the midst of the vast Atlantic ocean as much he feels on land. Thus our place is not this world, where there is danger at every step, but in the spiritual world that is beyond this world of suffering.


In order to become free from suffering, we have to leam the art of living in harmony with God's teachings. Then we can become happy even while being in this world and can eventually be reinstated in our original position in the spiritual world. The Bhagavad-gita teaches us the purpose of life and the Purpose of this creation and also tells us about right and wrong    action, exactly like a manual that teaches us how to use an instrument. In summary, the material world is like a prison-house where all of us have been placed due to our desire to be independent of God just as a disobedient citizen is placed in a jail. The government provides for the needs of the prisoners but there is suffering also in a prison so as to reform the inmates. Similarly God has through the universal government provided for the needs of all of us, but along with it there are various sufferings, which are meant to reform us. And just as a prisoner who obeys the laws of the government is soon freed from the prison, similarly those people who obey the laws of God by following the scriptural regulations can soon be freed from all suffering and return back to the spiritual world, our lost home. The previous chapter described the spiritual world and this chapter describes the material world.