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Perceiving the Inescapable Universal Laws


Although everyone is looking for unlimited happiness and no suffering, they get the opposite. All of us have experience that suffering comes in our lives unasked for. Are we supposed to just endure it without questioning? Most people do just that. When they get some pain, they just try to cover it up with some medicine without asking who is causing it and why. Once when I was cleaning the cobwebs in a room with a long stick attached to a bushy broom, I came across a kitten. I showed the bush on his face and he started beating it with his paws. Every time I pushed him down, he fell and stood up again to fight with the bush. Poor kitten! He never came to know that behind the broom there was a long stick that was held by a man. Similarly the general masses in this world are blind to know why they are suffering and where their life is leading them.


But an intelligent person understands that suffering can never be automatic; it has to be inflicted by someone.  For example suppose someone pinches you when your eyes are blindfolded. Although you can't see who is pinching you, you know for sure that the pain is not automatic; someone is causing it. Similarly the suffering present in the world implies that there are laws, which one cannot surpass, no matter how advanced one becomes in terms of scientific, medical and technological expertise. For example,


Laws of birth, old age, disease, death: the insurance companies are flourishing due to fear of death and cosmetic industries are flourishing due to fear of old age. Though modern man knows the art of 'covering up' wrinkles with face-lift and white hair with dyes, he has no ability to stop these problems permanently.


Laws that cause miseries arising from one's own body and mind, miseries given by other living beings and miseries due to natural calamities

Such laws imply that there is a Supreme Lawmaker in control who imposes these laws upon us.