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What is the cause of suffering?


Why should God, the Supreme, cause us suffering if He is an all-loving father? Suffering is caused not by God but by our own desire to enjoy separate from God, as explained in the story of the prodigal son in the previous chapter. A child who wants to leave the safety of his parents' hands and cross the busy road alone, will undoubtedly feel frightened by the huge lorries and trucks making screeching sounds as they goby.If we live our life in harmony with God, like a citizen living in harmony  with  the   state,   then   we   can   certainly  achieve happiness. In fact we can practically see how nature imposes punishment on those who refuse to lead a life as per the teachings of the God-given scriptures and indulge in wrongdoings. For example, those who indulge in eating tobacco get bronchitis, those who smoke get cancer, those who drink liquor get liver problems, and those who have illicit sexual relations are afflicted by AIDS and other diseases.