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Uncovering the fraud


Yet it was fake. Haeckel prepared a woodcut, and then had the printer print it, one above the other, three times in a column! In this book, Haeckel mentioned the sources from whence he prepared his woodcuts. This greatly added to the credibility of the woodcuts. But, of course, any scientist could check his sources. Rutimeyer and Hiss did just that and Haeckel was exposed.Disgusted with Haeckel's 'cheating tricks', Rager said, "Haeckel was not prudish in the selection of tools for his fight-In order to prove the validity of the law of biogenesis, he published several figures, the original and legends of which were faked up. There are a number of other figures, the originals of which were changed by Haeckel in order to demonstrate that human ontogeny successively passes through stages  of development....  This  is  not the  first time that Haeckel's fake has been revealed. The well known zoologist,Ludwig   Rutimeyer   protested   against   it         The   law   of biogenesis has to use cheating tricks in order to fit data to the theory."


Michael Pitman, a doctorate of science said, "To support his case Haeckel began to fake evidence. Charged with fraud by five professors and convicted by a university court at Jena, he agreed.... drawing were forgeries; he was merely filling in and reconstructing the missing links when the evidence was thin, and he claimed unblushingly that hundreds of the best observers and biologists lie under the same charge."