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The Fraud


Ernst Haeckel (1834-1919) had an overmastering obsession to convince people that evolution was true. Like certain men after his time, he was willing to go to any length in providing supposed substantion for the theory. Haeckel's theory, known ^ the "Law of Recapitulation" and the "Biogenetic Law" was first suggested by Meckel (1781-1883). Karl von Baer (1792-6) saw the error in Meckel's idea and wrote against it. But it Was Haeckel that elevated it to the supposed status of a "law" ^ Proclaimed the theoiy as widely as he could. Both Darwin and Huxley were thrilled by Haeckel's detailed illustrations comparing embryonic development in various animals and man. They thought that someone had, at last, come forward with some actual evidence for evolution. Haeckel developed his charts and used them, not only in lecture halls, but in books as well. In his book 'Natural History of Creation' Haeckel stated that the ova and embryos of different animals-and also man-are, at certain periods in their development perfectly identical. In proof of this assertion, he placed, on page 242, three woodcuts that were indeed identical! One was purported to be the ova of man, the second monkey, and the third a dog, each enlarged 100 times. The three woodcuts were totally identical. What a striking evidence this was to anyone who saw it!