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Can I Not Do Good To People Without God?


The nature of the soul is to love and serve God. And the soul is eternally happy in such devotional service to God. But when the soul turns away from God, he engages in sinful activities and brings suffering upon himself. What is the best way to help such suffering souls?


Some people superficially mitigate the sufferings of others by providing free food, clothing, health care etc, but such efforts do not have long-lasting effect. Sometimes you see beggars standing in a queue outside the railway station. Throughout their life they beg and earn money. But they continue to smoke and drink and in this way accrue sinful reactions to continue their suffering in their future lives. Are we really doing good by giving charity to such people? There are so many people coming to hospitals with deadly diseases that they have contracted due to too much drinking or too much smoking or due to illicit sex. We may open hospitals to cure these diseases and after they get all right they will go back and engage in the same old sinful activities, because the propensity to commit sin has not been eradicated.


Thus, although many good-intentioned people are eager to do social service, they cannot bring about any real good to anyone because they do not know what will benefit the suffering souls the most. They are like a layman eager to perform a surgical operation on the boil ot a suffering person. Despite their good intention, they end up doing more harm than good. But the devotees understand the root cause of all suffering. They therefore give Krishna consciousness to people. The inner happiness derived from Krishna consciousness enables them to become free from all sins and thus become happy forever.


At this point people often ask, "Do you expect people to understand God with an empty stomach?" The real problem of the people is not dearth of food, dearth of money etc.   As Gandhi rightly said, "God has provided enough in this world for everyone's need;but   not   for  one  man's greed." ISKCON therefore provides holistic service -for both the body and the soul   by   distributing   free Krishna prasadam (vegetarian food offered to Lord Krishna).  In fact, ISKCON's Food For Life program is the world's largest  vegetarian food relief program. This sanctified food not only provides for the needs of the body, but also purifies the soul. But in addition to food for the body, ISKCON also provides the needy with the Holy Name of God and spiritual knowledge to understand the science of God. This spiritual knowledge and practice provides them inner satisfaction which frees them from greed. Being no longer greedy they don't have to perform sinful activities and thus they become free from all suffering.