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Fossils Appear in 'Wrong' Order


The problems with the fossil record do not stop there. According to evolution theory, species should appear in the fossil record roughly in the order in which they evolved. The oldest forms should  appear in the lowest rock strata and the most recent forms should appear in the highest layers. There are v/ hundreds of examples all over the world of fossils appearing in the wrong order.  "Fossils of many-celled animals appear g before remains of single-celled animals in the fossil record." (Moore, 1964). This indicates that many-celled animals did not evolve from single-celled A  animals. Supposed "ancestors" appear in rocks which are higher up than their supposed descendents".Evolutionists attempt to explain ftat the oldest layers slid over the newer layers. In  instances where there genuinely has been movement of one layer over another, the junction between the two strata consists of a layer of fractured and ground rock. In many  of the cases where  strata are, according to evolutionists. in the "wrong order", the "layers are several kilometers thick and the junction between the layers has sharp contact and shows no sign at all of movement.  For example, at the strata at Glarus, Switzerland, 'ancient' fossils are found above 'recent' fossils. 'Wrong order' fossil sequences clearly contradict the theory of evolution of species. Is it logical  to maintain belief in a theory that so directly contradicts the evidences from the fossil record?