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What to Look For


If evolution were a fact, the fossil evidence would surely reveal a gradual changing from one kind of life into another. Also, if evolution were founded in fact, the fossil record would be expected to  reveal beginnings of new structures in living things. There should be at least some fossils with developing arms, •egs, wings, eyes and other bones and organs. For instance, there should be fish  fins changing into amphibian legs with feet and toes, and gills changing into lungs. There should be reptiles with front limbs changing into bird wings, back limbs changing into legs with claws,  scales changing into feathers and mouths changing into horny beaks.If living beings came ink) being by an act of creation, there would be no partial, unfinished bones or organs in the fossil  record. All fossils would be complete and highly complex, as living beings are today.  In addition, if living beings were created, they would be expected to appear suddenly in the fossil record  unconnected to anything before them. And if this was found to be true, what then? Darwin frankly admitted, "If numerous species... have really started into life at once, the fact would be fatal to  the theory of evolution."