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5) When The Whale Got Back Into The Water


Adapting Darwin's theory that a land animal, the bear, changed itself into a whale, evolutionists went ahead and made it an even more complex fish story. With serious face, they declare that after that fish got out of water and began walking, it then changed itself into a land animal. But this one stepped back into the water and became a whale!This story is even more stretched than Kipling's story about the crocodile stretching the elephant's nose. A mammal walked into the ocean and - instead of drowning - continued to live for the rest of its life as it swam around in the ocean! That is really a fish story! Gradually it and its offspring made changes so that they could get about easier in the ocean. But how did it survive until those changes were made?


"Particularly difficult to accept as chance processes are those prolonged changes which lead to a new life-style, such as the evolution of birds from reptiles or - perhaps odder - the return of mammals to a life in the sea, as in the case of dolphins and whales." - G.R. Taylor, 'Great Evolution Mystery' (1983), p.160.Even Gould classifies them as children's stories, "What good is half a jaw or half a wing.. .These tales, in the 'Just-So Stories' tradition of evolutionary natural history, do not prove anything... concepts salvaged only by facile speculation do not appeal much to me." - Stephen Jay Gould, "The Return of Hopeful Monsters," 1977.