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3) How The Giraffe Got Its Long Neck


The giraffe used to look just like other grazing animals in Africa, but while the other animals were content to eat the grasses in the field and leaves on the lower branches, the giraffe felt that the survival of his fittest depended on reaching up and plucking leaves from still higher branches. This went on for a.time, as he and his brothers and sisters kept reaching ever higher. Only those that reached the highest branches of leaves survived. All the other giraffes in the meadow died from starvation, all because they were too proud to bend down and eat the lush vegetation that all the other animals were eating. So only the longest-necked giraffes had enough food to eat. All the other giraffes starved to death. Sad story; don't you think? But that is the story of how giraffe grew its long neck. Picture the tragic tale: Dead giraffes lying about in the grass while the short-necked grazers   such   as   antelope walked   by   them,   having plenty  to  eat.  Were  there necks too long by that time to bend down to eat grass? No;   every   giraffe   has   to bend its neck to get water to drink. Darwin's giraffes died of starvation, not thirst. That is how the giraffe acquired its long neck, according to the   pioneer   thinkers   who gave      us our basic evolutionary theories.


"So under nature with the nascent giraffe, the individuals which were the highest browsers and were able to, during dearths, to reach even an inch or two above the others, will often have been preserved... By this process long-continued...combined no doubt in a most important manner with the inherited effects of increased use of parts, it seems to me almost certain that any ordinary hoofed quadruped might be converted into a giraffe." -Charles Darwin, "Origin of Species', p.202. Biologist Luther D. Sunderland compares the tall tale with scientific information in 'Darwin's Enigma' (1988), p.83-84, "It is speculated by neo-Darwinists that some ancestor of the giraffe gradually got longer and longer bones in the neck and legs over millions and years. If this were true one might predict that there would be fossils showing some of the intermediate forms or perhaps some living forms today with medium-sized necks. Absolutely no such intermediates have been found among the fossils. Evolutionists cannot explain why the giraffe is the only four-legged creature with a really long neck and yet everything else (without the long neck) survived. Many short-necked animals, of course, existed side by side in the same locale as the giraffe. Darwin even mentioned this possible criticism in 'The Origin' but tried to ignore it."