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Fairy Tales for Big People           


Phe facts of nature cannot be explained by the simplistic  theories of evolutionists, but the evolutionists keep trying. Were are some of the funniest stories you have ever heard. But you  are  not  supposed  to  laugh.  For this  is  evolutionary science".yard Kipling, in addition to his journalism and adventure es is remembered for a series of charming children's tales about the origins of animals. The Just-So Stories (1902) are fanciful explanations of how...the camel got his hump (rolling around in lumpy sand dunes). Modeled on the folktales of tribal peoples, they express humor, morality or whimsy in 'explaining' how various animals gained their special characteristics.


"Not long ago", writes science historian Michael Ghiselin, "Biological literature was full of 'just-so' stories and pseudo-explanations about structures that had developed 'for the good of the species'. Times have not changed; in fact the things are getting worse. Darwin's book was full of just-so explanations, and modern theorists continue in the tradition..."When they are written for little people, they are called fairy tales; but when prepared for big people, they are called "the frontiers of evolutionary science." Gather around and listen closely, for only the gullible could find them believable! For the purpose of comparison, the first and third stories will be by Uncle Charlie and the second will be by Rudyard Kipling. See if you can tell the difference.