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Demigod Worship


Who are the Demigods?


The government of the Supreme Lord consists of millions of planets and millions of universes and the Supreme Lord allots various services for conducting the administrative affairs of the universe to the demigods. All of the them work under Lord Krishna's supervision as explained by the Lord Himself in Bhagavad-gita (9.10): 'maya adhyakshena prakrtih..''The demigods are also ordinary living entities, but due to their faithfulness - their devotional attitude - they have been promoted to such posts. These different demigods, or directors, such as Chandra, Varuna and Vayu are called adhikari devata. These demigods are departmental heads. Every part of our body and its action - even the blinking of our eyes - is controlled by some particular demigod


Demigods are beings more advanced than humans. Although they resemble us, they possess far greater intelligence and beauty, wonderful mystic powers and in some cases, many arms and heads. We are naturally subordinate to such powerful living entities, and therefore we can worship the various demigods as living beings who are powerful representatives of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.All the heavenly planets of the upper planetary system are thousands of times more opulent than the middle planetary system in which we live. Vishwakarma, the renowned heavenly architect, is famous for constructing many wonderful buildings in the heavenly planets. There are also opulent gardens and parks fit to be enjoyed by the demigods. Demigods also sport in the valleys of mount Meru.