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Surrendering to Krishna


Generally, persons who are distressed in the material world go to the demigods, as they are advised in the Vedic literature. A person wanting a particular thing is recommended to worship a particular demigod. For example, a diseased person is recommended to  worship the  sun-god;  a person  wanting education may worship the goddess of learning, Sarasvati; and a person wanting a beautiful wife may worship the goddess Uma, the wife of Lord Siva. In this way there are recommendations in the shastras (Vedic scriptures) for different modes of worship of different demigods.


The demigods are actually different parts of the universal body of the Supreme Lord; therefore they have no independence. In the Vedic literature it is stated, "The Supreme Personality of Godhead as Supersoul is also present within the heart of the demigod; therefore He arranges through the demigod to fulfill the desire of the living entity. But both the demigod and the living entity are dependent on the supreme will. They are not independent." The results achieved by the demigods' benedictions are perishable because within this material world the planets, the demigods and their worshipers are all perishable. Because all results achieved by worshiping demigods are perishable, such worship is performed by the less intelligent living entity. But a pure devotee engaged in Krishna consciousness in devotional service of the Supreme Lord achieves eternal blissful existence that is full of knowledge in the spiritual world.


In the Bhagavad-gita (7.20), worship of different demigods or rendering service to them is not approved.


kamais tais tair hrta-jnanah prapadyante anya-devatah

tarn tarn niyamam asthaya prakrtya niyatah svaya


"Those whose intelligence has been stolen by material desires surrender unto demigods and follow the particular rules and regulations of worship according to their own natures." Here it is plainly said that those who are directed by lust worship the demigods and not the Supreme Lord Krishna.


The demigods are authorized administrators of the universe, appointed in the government of the Supreme Lord. They should therefore not be disrespected or blasphemed. They should be treated with utmost respect; but at the same time one should know their subordinate position relative to Krishna. For example, if you have to receive both the Prime minister of India and a local MLA (political leader), and you have got only one garland, whom will you garland? If you garland the MLA, that will displease the PM and embarrass the MLA. If you garland the PM, that will please both of them for that is the appropriate code of behavior. In the same way, a devotee respects demigods, but he understand their relationship with Krishna. The gopis of Vrindavan are the topmost devotees of Krishna, but they worshipped goddess Katyayani to get only Krishna as their husband.Thus a devotee renders unalloyed devotional service to Krishna and may worship demigods only if it is favorable to his service to Krishna.