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Chapter 1

Your Divine Identity - A Product of Chemicals?


Who am I? A Bag of Chemicals?

Theory of Evolution

How did lifeless chemicals suddenly come alive?

The Theory of Spontaneous Generation

Dilemmas Over Complex Organs

Limitations of the Scientific Approach

Why not Produce Life?

Chemicals do not Produce Life, Life Produces Chemicals

The Tiny World of Material Science

Difference Between Living and Non-living Things

The Changing body and the Constant Self

The Mystery of Consciousness

The Vedic Paradigm - Self-Energy

External Functions of Self-Energy

Internal Qualities of Self-Energy

Relationships, The Basis of Self-Existence

Soul Research '

Gazette Headline: Heart Surgeon Wants to Know What a Soul Is

Srila Prabhupada Gives the Vedic Evidence

A Challenge to an Atheist


Chapter 2

Your Glorious Ancestors - A Pack of Apes?


1) Are there exact details about which forms evolved into which new forms in the past?

What to Look For

How Complete Is the Record?

What Fossil Record Says about the Origin of Living Things

Fossils Appear in 'Wrong' Order

Record of the Rocks Contradict Darwin's Theory

Fossil Record is the Final Court of appeal


2) Is there any clear, direct evidence that one species changes into another?

Breeding is not Evolution

Genetic mutation produces variations but not new species

3) Can a mechanism be specified by which one species could change into another?

Haeckel's Fraudulent Charts

Recapitulation Theory

The Fraud

Uncovering the fraud

But Evolutionists keep publishing them


Fairy Tales for Big People

Where the Whale Came From

How The Elephant Got Its Long Nose

How The Giraffe Got Its Long Neck

How The Catfish Learned To Walk

When The Whale Got Back Into The Water


Creation or Evolution?

Evolution: A Biological Mythology

How Does Evolution Theory Matter for You?


Chapter 3

Your Cherished Emotions - A Biophysical Brain Function?


Am I a robot?

Who is the Perceiver of Pain or Pleasure?

The Conscious Perceiver Inside the Bodily Machine

Is the Brain the Seat of Consciousness?

Consciousness Without Brain - Startling Facts

The Big Scientific Dogma

The Dogma Bites Man

Body, Soul and Transmigration


Chapter 4

Where Reincarnation and Science Intersect


Matter and Spirit

Reincarnation: Views Of Scientists and Philosophers

Scientific Proof For Reincarnation

A Real Case History Of Reincarnation

Suspicion 1 - Imagination

Refutation 1

Suspicion 2: Cryptomnesia (hidden memory)

Refutation 2

Suspicion 3: ESP (Extra Sensory Perception):

Refutation 3

If we have lived before, why don't we remember it?

Relevance Of Reincarnation In Our Life


Chapter 5

You Never Die: The Verdict of All Religions


What Is Reincarnation?

From whom to hear about reincarnation?

Definition'of Reincarnation

Reincarnation: View of Different Religions

Sanatana Dharma or Hinduism:

Ancient Greece





Eternal Damnation In Hell After One Sinful Life?

Reincarnation - Modern Outlook

Chapter 6

Your Lost Home -The Kingdom of God


Knowledge of the Soul

The Gross Body and the Subtle Body

The Soul Is Indestructible

The Soul is an Individual

The Soul Has Form

Matter Is Formless - Spirit Gives Form to Matter

The Soul Has a Form of Eternity (sat)- Knowledge (cit) Bliss (ananda)

The Soul is Situated in the Region of the Heart

The Size of the Soul

The Soul is Inconceivable


Am I God?

Faith in the Lord and Scriptures

The Spiritual World Beyond

The Spiritual World - Our Original Home

The Three Principal Energies of the Lord

The Supreme Truth is a Person

Our Ultimate Resting Place

Our Relationship with the Lord

Loving Reciprocation Between Krishna and His Devotees

The Five Divine Mellows


Is Krishna an Avatar of Vishnu?

Description of the Kingdom of God

Auspicious Forms and Activities

Unique Trees

No Attraction for Sense Gratification

Freedom From Envy and Eagerness to Hear the Lord's Glories

Higher Taste

Even Goddess Of Fortune Renders Service Being Eager To Achieve the Lord's Grace

Brahmaji's Lamentation About Souls Suffering in the Material World


The Misuse of Free Will

'I am the Creator'

'I have more freedom. I am independent.'

'I am the Cuuii oiler"

"Why should I accept any authority?"

"I don't need to surrender to anybody"

"I am the enjoyer"

The Story Of the Prodigal Son


Chapter 7

Material Nature - A Temporary Prison-House


Organization of the Universal Government?

Perceiving the Inescapable Universal Laws

What is the cause of suffering?

Returning to Harmony

The Inconceivable Relation of Krishna with the Material World

Krishna is the Source of all Material Elements

If Nature is Mother Krishna is the Father

How does Krishna control His Energies?


Cosmic Creation

The Three Aspects of the Absolute Truth

First Purusha Karanodakashayi Vishnu creates the Universes

Second Purusha Garbhodakasayi Vishnu enters into each universe

Brahma, the first-born living being

Brahma's bewilderment

Brahma meditates desiring to realize the cause of all causes

The Transcendental Beauty Of The Lord

Brahma Prepares Himself for Creation

Brahma's Creation of the Kumaras, Rudra and the Ten Sages

Great' on O f Opposites

Creating Vedas, Arts And Sciences

How Brahma Increased the Population of the Universe

Third Purusha Kshirodakashayi Vishnu Enters into the Heart of Every Living Entity

Coverings Of The Universe


Cosmic Dissolution

The Four Milleniums

Brahma's Day And Night

Manus Appearing In Brahma's Day

Dissolution of the Three Worlds


Demigod Worship

Who are the Demigods?

Surrendering to Krishna


Chapter 8

Your Secret Journey - Evolving Towards Perfection


Bondage Due to Mistaken Identity

Illusion due to the Gross Body

Illusion due to the Subtle Body

From Bondage to Freedom

Material Body - Changing Dress For The Soul

Reincarnation - Internal and External

The Six Transformations of the Material Body

Changing Body And Permanent Soul


Perfect Knowledge Of Evolution

The Mechanism Of Reincarnation

What Happens At Dpath9

The Minci Carries the Unfulfilled Plans At Death


How does Your Mind Influence You?

Our Actions Reflect Our Mental States

Dreams From Previous Experiences

The Mind is the Index of Our Past Lives

Is A Child Innocent?

Bodily Attachment


Bodies are 'Tailor-made' to Satisfy Soul's Desires

The Story of Kailash

Purification Through Devotional Service

Action For Purifying The Subtle Body

A Practical Example of Perfect Living

The Prince Who Brought Jubiliation & Lamentation


Chapter 9

The Secret of Action - From Illusion to Reality


Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?

The Law of Karma: An Infallible Justice

The Law of Karma

Ignorance of Law is no Excuse

Instinct and Discrimination


Good and Bad Karma both cause Bondage

Good Karma is Not Enough

Birth and Death - Agonizing Experiences

How To Become Free From Karma & Reincarnation?

Is Karma The Supreme Factor In Deciding My Future?

How to Perform Akarma?

The Greatest Welfare Work

Can I Not Do Good To People Without God?

Will Not Chanting Hare Krishna Make One Lazy And Selfish?

Story: The Greatest Social Service

The Glorious End of your Long Secret Journey

Whose life is considered successful?

Whose death is considered successful?

Appendix 1

Cloning:A Modern Miracle or an Ancient Method?


Appendix 2

Meditation for the Modern Age


Appendix 3

Srila Prabhupada - The Ambassador of The Kingdom of GOD


Appendix 4

Vedic Oasis for Inspiration, Culture & Education (VOICE): At a Glance