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How Does Evolution Theory Matter for You?


In the previous two chapters we have discussed a few of the many inherent fallacies in the theory of evolution. A question may arise: What is the relevance of all this discussion about the validity or invalidity of a scientific theory to our day-to-day lives? In this section we will discuss how evolutionary theory and the social philosophy resulting from it are primarily responsible for the immorality, degradation, violence and overall chaos that the world is experiencing today. Before the rise of modern science, religion played a leading role in guiding society. The mass of people understood that the principles governing the universe were subtle and supramundane. Understanding that the universe had a divine origin and purpose, they accepted the values and teachings of the religious texts given by God and lived accordingly. Such a civilization teaches one how to remain satisfied with the gifts of nature, live in harmony with God and inquire about the purpose of life. But in the modern times, enamoured by the glitter of so-called technological progress, people have relegated religion to the background. Science and technology determine the values, assumptions and goals of modern society. While blaming religion for propagating blind faiths, atheistic modern scientists propagate theories like the evolution theory, which demand unreasonable faith in speculations that are unverified and often unverifiable.


Evolutionary theory declares that man is but an animal and it teaches that the most successful animals are those, which are the first to attack and overcome others. It thus implies that savage competition and warfare are the highest good and the best source of development. Evolutionary theory implies that there is no God; it thus makes atheists out of people. Atheism naturally breeds immorality; what is there in an atheist's worldview to inspire him to stick to morality in his pursuit of pleasure? Evolutionary philosophy has entered every sphere of life in the modern world - right from interpersonal behavior to business and government. The vicious principles taught by Darwinism have thus loosed a flood of immorality and degradation upon the world.At this point a question may arise: If evolution is a fallacious theory and it has such disastrous social consequences, why is it so widely accepted in the world?


This is primarily because evolution is portrayed as "a science". And most people, not having been trained to work with scientific tools, feel themselves incompetent to successfully reply to "science". Yet evolution is "a false science"; it is a concept founded on confused speculations and nonexistent scientific facts.Moreover it is made to appear as if all scientists support the evolutionary theory. But as we have seen that is far from the ""uth. Many reputed scientists have openly spoken against it ^ tnere are many more scientists who do not agree with the heory, but who fear to speak up, lest they lose their jobs.


And most importantly evolution floods the schools and the media with its message. Science textbooks nearly always promote the evolutionary viewpoint. The student is rarely, if ever, exposed to opposite arguments. In fact, arguments against evolution are prevented from appearing in school textbooks. In the magazine 'American Laboratory' a biochemist wrote about his children's schooling, "The child is not presented with evolution as a theory. Evolution is presented as reality, not as a concept that can be questioned. Subtle statements are made in science texts as early as the second grade. The authority of the educational system then compels belief." Regarding evolutionary teaching in higher grades, he said, "A student is not permitted to hold personal beliefs or to state them; if the student does so, he or she is subjected to ridicule and criticism by the instructor. Often the student risks academic loss because his or her views are not 'correct' and grade is lowered." It is only due to such intellectual tyranny that evolutionary theory continues to have a hold in society today.


A.t an individual level, a spiritual aspirant, based on the philosophical understanding, is convinced that he is not the body, but the soul and that there is a God who has created everything. In the modern times, people often think that concepts such as the soul and God are "unscientific". But the previous two chapters show how scientific evidence strongly confirms the existence of a soul that animates the body and of a God who has created all living beings.And at a social level, if ethics, morality and a genuine purpose to living are to be brought back, there has to be a return to faith in God. As we have seen, evolution theory is one of the main misconceptions that has caused people to lose their intuitive and inherent faith in God as the Supreme Creator. Therefore a thorough scientific refutation of the evolution theory is absolutely essential for society to return to sanity, morality, peace and harmony.