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3) Can a mechanism be specified by which one species could change into another?           


No one knows a mechanism, if at all there is, by which one species could change into another. Geneticists and molecular biologists are unable to say what produces biological form. Hence, they are not at all able to say what could produce new biological forms. Evolutionists generally assume, and thus the lay public also accepts, that all biological form is governed by genes. There is no evidence that this is so. Geneticists have studied the inherited characteristics in animals and plants, and have concluded that the patterns of inheritance are due to entities which they call 'genes'. These studies tell us about variations in biological structures which already exist, but do not tell us what caused the structures to come into being in the first place. For instance, we may find that genes determine the color of eyes, but that does not tell us about the origin of the eyes themselves (Elsasser, 1975,120). Genes control the production of specific proteins in a living cell, but what organizing principle arranges the proteins to make working cells? And what organizing principle arranges cells to produce living organisms?


Evolutionists imagine that genetic mutation could produce the whole range of biological forms. But experience shows that genes only control details in a particular biological form. A genetic mutation, or change in the genetic code, only produces variations within the species.