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Creation or Evolution?


When we compare what has been found in the real world to VV what evolution predicted and to what creation predicted, it is apparent which model fits the facts and which one conflicts with them. The evidence from the world of living beings around us, and from the fossil record of things that lived long ago, testifies to the same conclusion: Life was created; it did not evolve. Life did not get its start in some unknown primeval "soup". Humans did not get here by way of apelike ancestors. Instead, living beings were created in abundance as distinct family types. Each could multiply in great variety within its own "kind", but could not cross the boundary separating different kinds. That boundary, as can be clearly observed in living things, is enforced by sterility. And the distinction between kinds is protected by each one's unique genetic machinery. However, there is much more that testifies to a Creator than just the facts fitting the predictions of the creation model. The evidence is not just the bunch of bones dug from earth but the marvels of the whole awesome universe down to the intricate designs in the microscopic world.