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Who is the Paramatma?


The Paramatma is not impersonal, as some people wrongly think. Just as the individual soul has form and personality, similarly Lord Krishna also has form and personality. It is the same Lord Krishna who has expanded into the four-handed form of the Paramatma present in the heart of everyone. The Paramatma is present in the hearts of every living entity, within every atom and also the space between the atoms. He is actually the four handed form of Vishnu called Kshiwdakashayi Vishnu. This is confirmed in the Satvata-tantra:


visnos tu trini rupani purusakhyany atho viduh

ekam tu mahatah srastr dvitiyam tv anda-samsthitam

tritiyam sarvabhuta-stham tanijnatva vimucyate


"For material creation, Lord Krishna's plenary expansion as­sumes three Vishnus. The first one, Maha-Vishnu, creates the to­tal material energy, known as mahat-tattva. The second, Garbhodakashayi Vishnu, enters into all the universes to create diversities in each of them. The third, Ksirodakashayi Vishnu, is diffused as the all-pervading Supersoul in all the universes and is known as the Paramatma, who is present even within the atoms. Anybody who knows these three Vishnus can be liberated from material entanglement."