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Perceiving the Paramatma


After understanding how the Paramatma plays such an im portant role in every single one of our activities, a question naturally arises, "If the Paramatma is actually present in our heart and is always wanting to help us, why can we not perceive Him or hear His voice?" It is because we are not pure-hearted. We hear many voices from within - the voice of the mind, the voices of our various material desires etc. In this babble of voices, the voice of the Paramatma is also there: "Come back to Me. Lead a godly life. Come on the right path." But because we have so many other voices in the heart, we are not able to recognize the voice of the Paramatma from among the various voices.


This situation is similar to the situation when we switch on the radio at low frequency; we hear many voices coming simulta­neously. Unless we fine tune with a filter, we cannot get the radio station which we want. Similarly unless we have a pure heart devoid of material desires we cannot hear the voice of the Paramatma clearly