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Attitude of Devotees and Demons Towards the Paramatma


Thus through everything that happens in our life, from the biggest upheaval to the smallest detail, we can understand how the Paramatma is acting at every moment. Only a foolish person will deny the existence of Lord in the heart. Therefore it is a great irony that although all the scientific discoveries and inventions have been made using the intelligence and inspiration given by the Paramatma, non-devotees are using these very inventions and discoveries for denying the existence of God.But devotees are not ungrateful; they know that whatever ability they have is by the mercy of the Paramatma alone and so they are grateful to Him. A devotee is well aware that the Lord may give him as much memory and ability as He wants or He may take away all his memory and ability if He so desires. In all circum­stances, a devotee knows that he is just an instrument in the hands of the Lord. A devotee therefore never becomes proud


All devotee preachers have the experience that when they go for preaching programs, sometimes torrents and torrents of ideas and words come flowing smoothly from their mouths. And at other times, though they know so much, still nothing comes out of the mouth; the right words just do not come. But in both cases a devotee stays equipoised, understanding that, "Krishna wants to speak through me today" or "Krishna does not want to speak through me today." Thus a devotee stays humble, whatever be the situation. And even if a devotee becomes proud of his ability to speak wonderfully, the Paramatma gives him the realization, "Actually I am not doing anything. It is the Paramatma who is speaking through me; it is He who is giving ine the words to speak." That is why at the start of every lecture, devotees chant a prayer glorifying the Lord and begging for His mercy.


 mukam karoti vacalam pangum langhayate girim . 

 yat krupa tarn aham vande   paramananda madhava


"O Lord! By Your mercy, even a dumb man can speak elo­quently and a lame man can climb mountains. I offer my respect­ful obeisances to you." A devotee considers himself to be a dumb man, unqualified to speak anything. Whenever he is able to speak lcely, he is grateful for the mercy of guru and the Lord, because they are giving him the words to speak. Similarly a devotee considers himself to be a lame person incapable of doing anything. whenenever he is able to do anything nicely, he thanks the Paramatma for giving him nice direction to act in the right way In this way a devotee is always completely dependent and sur­rendered to the Lord, and never becomes proud by thinking, "I am doing these wonderful things." Thus a devotee knows that Krishna is the real doer and that he is just like a puppet in His hands.