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The Culmination - Surrender to Krishna


Lord Krishna is the adi guru, the original spiritual master. In His expansion as the Paramatma, also known as the caitya guru, He is always eager to take us back to the spiritual world, but due to misuse of our minute independence, we continually reject the spiritual association. This misuse of independence is the cause of our material strife in the conditioned nature. The Lord, therefore, gives instruction from within and without. From with­out, He gives instructions as stated in the Bhagavad-gita through the voice of a bona fide guru, and, from within, He tries to con­vince us that our activities in the material world are not conducive to real happiness. He says, "Just give it up and turn your faith towards Me. Then you will be happy." Therefore an intelligent person places his faith in the Paramatma or the Supreme Person­ality of Godhead and thus begins to advance towards a blissful, eternal life of knowledge.


Therefore the culmination of all the knowledge about the Paramatma that we have discussed in these two chapters is to surrender to Krishna and to be reinstated in our constitutional position as His loving servitor in our original home in the spiri­tual world.