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The Paramatma sanctions Pleasure and Pain


When we understand that the pains and pleasures in our life are coming due to our past karma, a question naturally arises. Who decides the exact amount of suffering we are sup­posed to undergo for every one of our sinful activities? And who monitors the period of pain or pleasure: when it should start and when it should end? It is undoubtedly the Paramatma.Due to our past karma, we have to accept a fixed quantum of pleasure and pain in a given lifetime and, at just the right time, the Paramatma arranges to give it to us in such a way that we just  cannot escape. Some examples can give us a better understand­ing of this. Suppose you get a severely painful ulcer in your mouth. You Wake plans to go to a doctor several times, but, on each occasion, You are kept so busy that you completely forget about it. And after 10 days you notice that the ulcer has automatically disappeared. What can we infer from this incident? If you are sup­posed to reap a particular quantum of pain, the Paramatma will ensure that it comes upon you, and you will have no way out to escape from it.Not only does the Paramatma arrange to give the living entity his destined suffering, but He arranges for him to get his destined enjoyment too. And the living entity cannot escape from that enjoyment either. The story that follows vividly illustrates this 'forced enjoyment'.


Once a young man became totally frustrated due to repeated disappointments in his life and decided to commit suicide. He there­fore climbed on top of a mountain and jumped off from a high cliff thinking that the fall from such a great height would surely end his life.At the foot of the mountain cliff, there was a river and a prin­cess was bathing there along with her maidservants. All of a sud­den, a crocodile appeared there from nowhere, opened his jaws wide open in a very menacing manner and was about to gulp the princess down its throat. At that very moment, the young man fell into the river very close to the crocodile. Because he had fallen from such a great height, his fall created such an enormous splash in the river that the crocodile became alarmed and fled from the place in fear. The prin­cess, who had been overwhelmed with fear at the sight of the croco­dile, immediately ran out of the water along with her maidservants. The maidservants told the guards of the princess who had been standing on the banks how this 'heroic' young man had risked his life to save the princess from the deadly crocodile. The guards promptly rescued the young man, who was being carried away by the swift current of the river.


When the king came to know how his only daughter had been almost killed by a vicious crocodile and how the young man had 'risked his own life by jumping from the cliff top to save her', he immediately gave his daughter's hand in marriage to him. Not only that, he also gifted him half of his own kingdom and coronated him as the king of that part of the kingdom. Thus we see that, if a person is destined to enjoy, he himself may want to commit suicide, but the Paramatma will force him to not just live but to also become the king and enjoy.The Paramatma's job is extremely complicated. He keeps track of every single activity of ours in all of our millions of lifetimes and decides what reaction we should get for which activity. He then determines just the right moment for that reaction to come upon us and orchestrates everything around us so perfectly that we get the reaction in such a way that we have no way to escape from it. And He does all this from behind the screen, in such a subtle way that, if we are not devotees, we don't even come to know that He exists! Ten thousand lifetimes ago we might have performed a particular activity for which the Paramatma will give us the reaction through a proper instrument now. Thus we can imagine - in fact, we cannot even imagine - what a super, super computer the Paramatma is.


Scientists are usually enraptured when they see an astounding display of intelligence and technology. So when they understand how incredibly super-intelligent the Paramatma is, what an in­conceivably super-fast processor he must be having, they should naturally appreciate His incomparable abilities and spontaneously become the greatest devotees. Although some scientists surren­der to God, why does the majority of the scientific community not surrender to Him? Because they have no idea about the Paramatma. And even if they have knowledge, their knowledge ls stolen by illusion: mayaya apahrta jnana. Even if they have lntemgence, their intelligence is impure because they want to manipulate matter and lord over it.


"What then should the truly intelligent and scientifically minded person do ? He should surrender his intelligence at the lotus feet of Krishna, purify it and use it for understanding scriptures like Bhagavad-gita and Srimad Bhagavatam. Then he will become a true scientist capable of understanding and explaining the top­most science - spiritual science dealing with the Supreme Abso­lute Truth, Krishna.