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Paramatma fulfils the Desires of the Living Entity


We being infinitesimal living entities are always totally dependent on Lord Krishna and cannot even fulfill our desires on our own. Therefore when we desire to come to the material world to enjoy independently, Krishna says, "O.K. I'll accompany you to enable you to fulfill your desires." Just as a small child, who is adamant to go to a park, is escorted by his father, we are similarly escorted by the Paramatma in the material world. Just as there are as many fathers or guardians in the park as the number of children who have come to the park, similarly Krishna expands Himself infinitely and accompanies each one of us. And just as having come to the park, the child plays and, due to his playing, he sometimes enjoys and sometimes gets hurt and cries, similarly we engage in material activities in this material world and, due to our activities, we also sometimes enjoy and sometimes suffer.


We can only desire, but we have no ability to fulfill our de­sires; Krishna as the Paramatma has to sanction them. Someon may ask, "How can Krishna know our desires'?" He can east 7 sense our desires, just as we can smell a flower, because He is situated right next to us in our heart. In fact, He is closer to us than everyone and everything else. So whenever we desire some­thing. He understands our desire and then takes decisions like whether to fulfill that desire or not, when to fulfill it and how to fulfill it. We should know that the Paramatma does not fulfill just any desire. No. He sanctions or does not sanction our desire based on what we deserve. For example, a poor man may desire to become a millionaire overnight, but, due to his past karma, he may not be able to become rich during his entire lifetime. It is not that, sim­ply by hard work, anyone can become rich. If it were so,then why are the thousands of workers toiling day and night in the factories not becoming rich? Only if a person has done good karma in the past does the Paramatma sanction his desire to become wealthy.


When the Paramatma sanctions our desire, He instructs the material nature to make the necessary arrangements to fulfill that desire. Why does the material nature need to be instructed by Krishna? It is because the material nature is subordinate to Krishna and cannot function on its own, as is confirmed by Lord Krishna Himself in the Gita (9.10) mayadhyaksena prakrtih "The mate­rial nature is working under My direction." In accordance with the instruction of the Paramatma, material nature acts to fulfill our desire. Through this analysis we can understand that the performance °f any activity, from the smallest to the biggest, involves three Performers:


1• The Paramatma or the Supersoul,

2• The Jivatma or the soul and

3• Prakrti or the material energy.


The living entity initiates the activity by his desire, the dri»matma sanctions the desire and the material nature is the agency, which executes the action to fulfill the desire.A foolish person may challenge, "What do I need the sanction of the Paramatma for? 1 can do whatever I want." But the reality is that he cannot do anything, even something as simple as rais­ing his hand, without the sanction of the Paramatma. Suppose he gets a paralytic attack due to his past karma. If, after being para­lyzed, he wants to raise his hand can he do so? He cannot be­cause the Paramatma instructs the material nature, "He does not deserve to raise his hand. Let all the muscles and nerves remain as they are." If, because of some pious past karma, he deserves to be cured, then the Paramatma will make the necessary arrange­ment to send him to the right doctor. That the ability to do anything is not in our hands can be un­derstood from many examples. Sometimes even while undergo­ing a small operation, a person dies. On the other hand, some­body else undergoes a very dangerous operation in which there is every possibility of death, but he survives and lives a healthy life for 20 years after the operation. Thus we can understand that the Paramatma has to sanction our desires according to our karma; only then can they be fulfilled.


However our material desires, even if fulfilled, cannot satisfy us because of our spiritual constitution. Only loving surrender to the will of Krishna can completely satisfy us. Although the Paramatma is sitting right next to us, fulfilling our material de­sires and waiting for us to turn to Him, He does not force us to surrender to Him. Someone may ask, "Why does the Paramatma not force us to surrender to Him, if that is the only truly beneficial course of action?" It is because the relationship between Krishna and us is that of love. Krishna wants us to love Him spontane­ously without being forced. Love cannot be forced. If you love someone, and if he or she doesn't love you, can you beat that person and force him or her to love you? Even if you force him or her to love you, that love will not be natural. But if he or she understands about you and your love for him or her and chooses to wholeheartedly reciprocate love with you, then such a sponta­neous love will be pleasing to both the parties. The same is true for the love between Krishna (the Paramatma) and us.


Howevei we, being in a conditioned state and identifying our­selves with the body, are so busy in our material pursuits that we keep ignoring the Paramatma. But despite our repeated neglect of the Paramatma, He keeps helping us to fulfill our desires ac­cording to our karma. And when we are finally fed up with this fruitless material enjoyment, we give up our material desires and desire to surrender to the Paramatma. He fulfils that spiritual de­sire of ours too by immediately providing all the required guid­ance to help us to return to Him in the spiritual world.